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What is Panodyssey ?

What is Panodyssey ?

Publié le 5 nov. 2019 Mis à jour le 25 sept. 2020 Technologie
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What is Panodyssey ?

Nowadays, media became standardized - a big number of people consume the same content, for the same price. What is more, people have to suffer through advertising, sponsored content and promoted posts.

We believe, that this contradicts the principle of freedom of choice. People don’t get to choose what information to consume, they are led by smart algorithms and promotional campaigns.

Creation suffers from it because anyone is able to write about anything, and all the contents get lost in a constant flood of information. Those who provide high-quality content are not rewarded. Big platforms share the contents for free, benefiting from creators’ efforts. 

Facing this gloomy situation, Panodyssey offers a technological solution, with an ethical approach. We want to foster creation, collaboration and curiosity. 

Our concept allies creation, innovation and collaboration

Panodyssey is a creation platform, where users can : 

- Create content : articles, stories, novels etc. They are free to choose different subjects, tones and formats. 

- Collaborate : proofreaders, infographists, photographers, may contribute to a creator’s content in order to get a high-quality creation that gathers many talents.

- Read, discover, witness creations corresponding to one’s passions.

Panodyssey is a hybrid concept : it is a creative tool, a network, a platform and a medium. Our aims are : to share the talents, to connect the passionates and to foster creation. 

Panodyssey uses the scope of possibilities allowed by digital technology. 

Freedom and discovery 

Websites nowadays are funded on adds. The longer the users stay on the platform, the more benefits they generate. This makes website create addictive algorithms. They have no benefits in having contents of interest. We all have experienced this when scrolling passively on our smartphones, for hours. 

Panodyssey takes the opposing view to current logics. Adds free, our tool aims to arouse users’ interest. We want to arouse our curiosity, to open our minds and to amplify our passions. When creating an account on Panodyssey, you tell us your passions, your hobbies and your curiosity level. From these elements, the algorithm will generate a personalized flow of contents. 

Users take back control, it is a  new experience of digital freedom.

Transparency and fair sharing of value

Panodyssey stands out by its values : trust and transparency. In line with the European directive on copyright, creators on Panodessey own their content. A creator is able to publish and create either an open-source content, or to fix a subscription to his creations. The money goes directly to the creator and contributors of this content.  A small amount is deducted to keep the platform working. This distribution system is entirely transparent. 

Panodyssey is transparent concerning its creators : we check anyone ID’s before they create with Panodyssey. There is no anonymous content so anynone is responsible for what he publishes. 

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