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L'amour est dans le chai by Tamara Balliana

L'amour est dans le chai by Tamara Balliana

Published Dec 24, 2020 Updated Dec 24, 2020
time 4 min

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L'amour est dans le chai by Tamara Balliana

Prix or Price : 3,99€ en numérique (296 pages) et 9,99€ en broché

  • Éditeur : Montlake Romance (3 décembre 2019)

Langue de lecture : Français.

Nombre de livre dans la série : 2ème sur 4

Note Booknode : Liste de diamant

Note Amazon, Babelio, Goodreads & Netgalley : 5*


Quelques mots sur l'auteure :

Passionnée de lecture depuis son plus jeune âge, Tamara Balliana n'avait jamais couché sur le papier les histoires nées dans son imagination. Lorsqu’elle découvre l’auto-édition, elle décide de franchir le pas et de concrétiser son rêve en écrivant son premier roman : The Wedding Girl, en partie inspiré par son milieu professionnel. Le succès est au rendez-vous et l’incite à continuer à écrire des comédies romantiques, développant au fil de ses romans un univers léger et contemporain qui séduit ses lectrices. Tamara Balliana vit dans le sud de la France avec son mari et leurs trois petites filles.

A few words about the author :

Tamara Balliana has been passionate about reading since she was very young, and had never written down the stories born in her imagination. When she discovered self-publishing, she decided to take the plunge and make her dream come true by writing her first novel: The Wedding Girl, partly inspired by her professional environment. The success is there and encourages her to continue writing romantic comedies, developing over the course of her novels a light and contemporary universe that seduces her readers. Tamara Balliana lives in the south of France with her husband and their three little girls.

Résumé :

Summary :

A romance to be consumed without moderation.

Léonie, aspiring actress whose career never really took off, is back in her native village of Cadenel. Disillusioned, she has no choice but to replace her sister Laetitia, on maternity leave, at the winery where she works. But as soon as she returns, she comes face to face with Enzo, her childhood neighbor whom she has always hated. As if on purpose, when she thought he had also left the region, their paths keep crossing. Luckily, Léonie can count on the support of her new friends from the clan of unwilling bachelors to put a smile back on her face.

While Léonie gradually finds her marks in this new life, there is only one shadow left: Enzo. How to get rid of it? Or is a truce possible between them?

Ma chronique :

Je tiens particulièrement à remercier les éditions Amazon Publishing France et Montlake Romance et le site Netgalley de m'avoir permis de lire ce livre.

On y retrouve Léonie qui voulais devenir actrice mais sa carrière n'ayant jamais décollé retourne dans son village natal Cadenel. Elle n'aura pas le choix que de remplacer sa sœur Lætitia au domaine viticole car elle est en congés maternité. Sauf qu'elle va tomber sur un voisin d'enfance qu'elle à toujours détesté Enzo. Il va faire exprès de tomber sur elle le plus souvent possible, heureusement qu'elle peut compter sur ses amies du club des célibataires pour lui redonner le moral. Elle va chercher par tous les moyens à se débarrasser de lui.

Un livre lu d'une traite tellement j'ai accroché à l'histoire si prenante, addictive, captivante, remplie de suspens et de rebondissements avec des personnages toujours aussi attachants dans cette série. J'adore la plume de l'auteure si addictive.

My review :

I would especially like to thank Amazon Publishing France and Montlake Romance and the Netgalley website for allowing me to read this book.

It features Léonie who wanted to become an actress but her career never took off and she returns to her native village Cadenel. She will have no choice but to replace her sister Lætitia at the winery because she is on maternity leave. Except that she will come across a childhood neighbor she has always hated Enzo. He will deliberately run into her as often as possible, fortunately she can count on her friends from the singles club to cheer her up. She will try by all means to get rid of him.

A book read in one go, so much so that I hooked on the story, which is so gripping, addictive, captivating, full of suspense and twists and turns with characters who are as endearing as ever in this series. I love the author's pen so addictive.

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