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They chose Panodyssey


The Panodyssey cultural networking platform is an extraordinary forum for international artistic and creative collaboration, and is poised to spark a cultural revolution. Panodyssey is an essential tool for self-published authors.


I've been working with content management systems for 10 years, and few rival Panodyssey in ease of use. Plus, it's all based on a spirit of community and transparency, which doesn't hurt.

Bertrand Hauger

Bertrand Hauger fr



A made in France social media platform bringing together professionalism, trust, authenticity and transparency. It's the ideal playground for anyone with a pen — and the perfect place for any piece of writing looking for readers.

L.S. Martin

L.S. Martin fr



Panodyssey, like a boat
Carries our words cross the seas
Upon the waves they will float

To the world’s readers with ease.

Sébastien Bonmarchand

Sébastien Bonmarchand fr

Professor of French


I love publishing my articles on Panodyssey because they are not only protected but also visible on the web. The SEO performance is excellent, the community active, and it is a European initiative: it's perfect!


At some point, many authors consider self-publishing. I've always resisted because you get nothing out of it except expensive printing.
But now, for a reasonable fee, Panodyssey Pro offers visibility, promotion and useful advice. That's why I chose Panodyssey Pro.
What about you?


Panodyssey — a top-quality European network — offers excellent visibility to creators, writers, artists, teachers and publishers, making it easy for them to promote their work.
The Panodyssey Pro Talent services are invaluable and the customer service is outstanding.
Our sincere thanks for your support in this digital era.

Jean-Marc Ferry

Jean-Marc Ferry fr

Artist, Writer, Professor


A vital service for anyone who, like most writers or critics, would like to devote themselves to writing.

Marisa Verna

Marisa Verna fr

Professor of Literature


Panodyssey is a unique digital space for creators and authors. Its features are simple and innovative. My writing and images easily find a valuable audience. I feel at home here, and I'm enjoying doing a bit of everything to make Panodyssey my own.

Alban Vivicorsi

Alban Vivicorsi fr

Self-published author


I use Panodyssey to manage and archive my drawings. The Creative Room system is simple and convenient for quickly finding all my publications. As a designer, it's very important for me to protect my intellectual property. Certifying my account automatically provides proof of my works' history. The customer service is always available and friendly.

Marc Chalvin

Marc Chalvin fr



I discovered Panodyssey through a Facebook post. As an unpublished author, I'm trying every channel of communication that might help me. I hope to interest some readers. Thank you for welcoming me.

Sylvette Faisandier

Sylvette Faisandier fr

Self-published author


On the one hand, I would love to see all social networks and everything they stand for brought to an end. On the other, I want to share my thoughts in hopes that they might stimulate some reflection. This is how I ended up registering on Panodyssey. It reminds me of the heyday of the personal blog. A space where you feel free to express yourself, simply, and without any gimmicks. I absolutely love it!

Olivier Ranocha

Olivier Ranocha fr



Panodyssey is a place for discovery. As a writer, I use Panodyssey to publish my texts and new projects. I also collaborate with writers and contributors to increase the impact of my publications. As a reader, I can choose the themes and formats I want to read and watch depending on my mood. The fact that there is no advertising is a definite bonus


I'm a student who is passionate about books. I publish video clips of my reviews on Instagram — and the full texts of my reviews on Panodyssey.

Elodie Furtak

Elodie Furtak fr

Literary critic


For me, Panodyssey is a space that goes beyond a social media network. It's a place where you can read and enjoy content that interests you while avoiding information overload. We've really needed a European network to help and promote the work of creators.

José Miguel Pascual

José Miguel Pascual es

Journalist for EFE


Culture is an essential part of today's world. For EFE, as a leading Spanish-language agency, access to the latest cultural formats from digital creators through Panodyssey is essential.

Agencia EFE

Agencia EFE es

Press agency


Panodyssey is without doubt the most ambitious cultural project ever undertaken in the history of Europe. For the first time, creators and consumers from across the continent will be able to share not only their artwork, but also their opinions of it ... I would argue that Panodyssey will become one of the most important tools in developing a shared European culture.

Andrés Muro

Andrés Muro es

Event coordinator, EFE


Panodyssey is the ideal partner for anyone who wants to help culture flourish and young authors develop. It's an innovative, socially engaged platform that makes writing accessible to everyone!

quote fr

Online publisher

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