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quote, the cultural networking platform initiated by French entrepreneur and media executive Alexandre Leforestier, is an intercultural and international forum that is on the brink of igniting a cultural revolution.

Claudia Moscovici

Claudia Moscovici

American Author


The lonesomeness of the writing craft is challenged by collaboration opportunities offered by Panodyssey. It is an endeavor I highly support, as it can only help expand the horizon of many writers.

The Authors Show

The Authors Show

Publishing industry podasting pioneer


At Panodyssey, I feel free as a writer to explore a variety of subjects instead of being boxed into one topic. Also, there are visual artists here who create beautiful work I enjoy.

Arcadia Page

Arcadia Page

American writer and blogger


Panodyssey is the perfect tool for authors who write their text in more than a language. It is such a fantastic tool to increase visibility.
Hence, the fact that documents, videos and photos can be uploaded within the body of the texts make them look more eye-catching, more attractive even if the subject of the text is linked to economy, finance or politics.
Long life to Panodyssey! I will be happy to write and share more soon with the community of the citizens of the world.


This is an excellent opportunity for gifted writers in Bulgaria, Europe and beyond to showcase their works to a greater audience and benefit from publishing them. I hope this social media grows and becomes available in many other languages.

Yavor Tsanev

Yavor Tsanev


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