The content discovery
Panodyssey is a platform without ads and hidden algorithms. What do we do? Provide high-quality content to our readers which lets them discover, learn and reflect on the things that matter. Discover
benefiting the authors

Intuitive interface, matchmaking technology and collaborative editing let every Panodyssey author write, team up with other specialists and easily product new (master)pieces of content.

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from an author to a reader,
Direct connection

We imagined a different (eco)system. Here at Panodyssey, readers reward and support authors directly, without intermediaries.

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Share the value

Every Panodyssey author may set a monthly subscription price for his blog, or leave the articles in free access. The owner of the content has the freedom to monetise it as he wants.

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We use blockchain
To protect the content

We use blockchain technology to protect the content due to intellectual property registry. We guarantee the author’s rights for the content, the revenue sharing and total transparency of the value chain.

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our Ambition ?
A compromise between
Ethical and Digital

Europe strives to protect the private life of its citizens.
We have to think not only about consumers but also about readers and authors.
Let’s build a new European digital model: open, balanced and concrete. Panodyssey is a European alternative to GAFA.

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