How to get an author's name ?Β 

This article was co-written by Alexandre Leforestier and Romane Babault.
Hello, I'm Romane. I am a writer on Panodyssey. Thanks to the "contribution" functionality proposed by the platform, I was able to translate Alexandre's article on the author's name into English for our English-speaking friends and others

Have you read our article on Author's Name Doctrine and would like to get a pen name? 🎭 Here, we describe the procedure to follow in a few simple steps thanks to the PPC method! πŸ”

The PPC method: what is it?

For who? 

  1. I am a writing professional already using an author's name

  2. I am an independent media or an influencer (self-employed, company, association …)

  3. I run writing workshops under an author's name

  4. I am an author holding a trademark deposited with the INPI

  5. I am a whistleblower or a freelance journalist and I need to be protected

  6. I am an independent editor or publisher 

  7. My full name cannot be disclosed and I explain the reasons why (This information is strictly confidential and reserved for the management of Panodyssey)


To be consistent and increase the visibility of publications in terms of referencing;  or to protect my identity because it needs to be hidden (case n ° 4 and n ° 7). 


If you already have a personal account, you must create a Panodyssey account which will be dedicated to your author name. 

Step 1

Apply for certification by following the ID Check procedure. You have to click on your photo to scroll down the menu, then profile section and on the left by clicking on official documents. We will then validate your certification β˜‘οΈ. 

Step 2

We take care of certifying your account, it may take a few hours. βœ”οΈ

Step 3

Request an author’s name by sending an email to with the following information πŸ“© :

- Your first and last name, and the email address used when creating the account

- The desired author’s name

- The reason for the request: choose the number mentioned above. 

Step 4

We take care of processing your author’s name request. 

Thereafter, your author’s name will automatically appear on your page πŸ“. 

πŸ‘‰  Your turn! πŸ‘ˆ

Credit Photo : Photo by MJS  on Unsplash