facebook Does Facebook have good intentions (?) 🧠
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Does Facebook have good intentions (?) 🧠

Does Facebook have good intentions (?) 🧠

Publié le 5 juin 2021 Mis à jour le 9 juin 2021
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Does Facebook have good intentions (?) 🧠

Context: The original article was published by Alexandre Leforestier. Julien Guyomard, a writer on Panodyssey kindly offered to translate his article. We invite all generous readers, who can make a donation, to give first and foremost to him who has shown generosity and mutual support. You can discover Julien Guyomard's creative room on Panodyssey. 


Available human brain time 🕰

Facebook has developed the concept of “available human brain time” on a global scale as expressed by Patrick Le Lay - former President and Managing Director of the French TV private channel TF1 - from 1988 to 2008.

The fast, massive and global hyper industrialization has social, economic and geopolitical implications. 

The contributors to the Libra report from the Institute of Economics share a reflection on Facebook’s Libra project.

The concept of individual micro contribution and valuation of the slightest intelligence input brought forward by Facebook in its new projects implies a vision of creation and promotion of content different from that offered by the social network. That is, therefore, a radical change of mind in Mark Zuckerberg’s thinking process.

To keep this new promise, it is essential to catch on the process of creation and contribution resulting in quality content by involving creators in the Libra project. Will Facebook welcome all relevant stakeholders to the table?

Creation time is a key factor to understand the creative process and eventually, reward the true value of all those involved.

One of the goals is to find the right balance between all the stakeholders working on the same project.


The value creation model 💰

Value creation and its model start first. To share value in mini or maximum contribution mode, it is needed to lay the cornerstones of an ecosystem that precisely emphasizes creation. It’s clear that the advertising-based model driving Facebook squeezes the value and does not redistribute it.

Based on the figures, we will be able to check whether the knowledge economy will be boosted after acknowledging the monetary value of each individual micro-contribution at Facebook and for its true worth in the future.


Pipes and valves in a factory


The chain of collection and distribution of value among creators is complex. Algorithmic thinking must take into account a variety of uses to design dynamic sharing rules over time and all the more so, because micro-distribution has to properly share the value out.

In the music industry, existing systems are very complex. The professionals in the collection and distribution of value know how flawed these systems are. Yet, they are the very same intellectual property advocates and professionals who have built the actual systems over time.

Facebook wishes to promote the slightest co-ownership and collective works while respecting individual agreements. To meet this challenge within a 2.4 billion people ecosystem, it would have to be done side-by-side with the content creators while following 3 key points: culture, intellectual property and value sharing.

Facebook puts forward a cooperative and economic scenario that suggests a sharp change in how it recognizes and distributes value.

Such a change requires being open to others but also a transparent and collective organization change.


Cover photo by Viacheslav Bublyk and photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash.


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