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Panodyssey writing contest : From mind to paper ✍

Panodyssey writing contest : From mind to paper ✍

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Panodyssey writing contest : From mind to paper ✍

Poetry under the spotlight !

Panodyssey put together its first challenge on the theme of poetry and everyone is welcome to participate. How ? Nothing could be easier! To participate, all you have to do is publish your poem in one of your Creative Rooms, remembering to include the hashtag associated with the category you have chosen for the contest.

You can post more than one poem but only one poem per posting is allowed. You can enter several categories for free depending on your inspiration. 

We would like to remind you that only people over the age of fifteen are allowed to publish on Panodyssey, unless they have parental consent, which must be carefully sent to our team at: info@panodyssey.com

1. For this first challenge of the year, the five categories proposed are :

  • Prize for the best poem chosen by Panodyssey readers 


  • Sponsor’s award Nicolas Grenier, writer and poet, on the theme of School



  • Sponsor's award Lorenzo Soccavo, writer and researcher, on the theme of The Crossing


  • Prize for the best slam 🎶 chosen and awarded by the musician and composer Majid Bekkas


You can participate alone or in collaboration with other writers.

There will be two winning poems for each prize: one poem written by a solo author & one poem written collaboratively.

You can write as many poems as you like per category.

If you choose the collaborative poem - and we encourage you to do so - it is essential to carefully specify the role of each contributor in your project after inviting them into the Panodyssey editor.
For example, write at the bottom of the poem :


Creating together 

Paule Veber wrote a poem entitled “Abundance” published here. 

Maurice Veber, Paule's grandfather and an accomplished artist, illustrated his granddaughter's poem with an original illustration that you can see below the poem. 

Jean-Bernard Ravel, a classmate of Paule's, who is passionate about music, recorded the poem in audio with his voice to make an audio podcast that you can listen to here.

The winners will be contacted by the Panodyssey team after the end of the competition to tell them the good news.

As far as the readers' prize is concerned, the readers are the ones who vote on Panodyssey through likes. The more likes and comments you get on your poem, the more chances you have to be selected. This prize will be awarded to the poem that has been most appreciated by the readers, provided that the publication is serious (we give ourselves the right to exclude from the competition any trolls or inappropriate content even if the publication has been awarded a majority of likes).

In addition, the content published for this competition must be original (text, image, audio if applicable) in order to enhance the value of the creation. This competition allows all styles of poetry: sonnet, haiku, free verse, calligram... There is no limit to the length of your writing.

2. The dates of the “Mind to Pen” contest

Authors can enter the competition from January 14th, 2022 until March 1st, 2022. The date of the publication on Panodyssey will be used as the reference date.

3. How to reference your entry on Panodyssey? 

When you add a tag in the Panodyssey editor, make sure to respect the spelling, upper and lower case, as below, without putting "#" before the first letter of the tag :

4. Bonus for the five winners

But what will the winners win? 

  • Prize : digital badge

  • Author development support and coaching from Panodyssey and its partners 

  • Invitation to lunch with the competition organizers and a visit to Panodyssey: the winner must be able to travel by his/her own means to one of the Panodyssey team's workplaces in the Ile-de-France in the town of Asnières-sur-Seine (92) or in Haute-Savoie (74) in the village of Châtel located on the Swiss border, the territory where the Panodyssey project was born... 🐄

5.  A word from the team 

We are very happy to launch the first Panodyssey writing competition with our partners and sponsors whom we warmly thank.

We are starting the year with poetry. All styles are welcome. We encourage authors to be creative. Panodyssey is a space dedicated to creativity, dare you to write with others by associating illustrators, drawers, photographers (...) to enhance your words. Imagine new experiences around audio and image to invite your audience to discover your stories in a different way. Be free to innovate and invent. Give yourself a treat by participating in the first Panodyssey writing competition dedicated to poetry.

Panodyssey is your home, invite your friends and the writing family to join you with passion and authenticity.

Photograph taken in Namur, Belgium - Wallonia - in November 2021 by Alexandre Leforestier during the KIKK festival

* This article constitutes the rules of the competition and details how it works.

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