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Which NAMES could be scandalous ?

Which NAMES could be scandalous ?

Published Mar 18, 2023 Updated Mar 18, 2023
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Which NAMES could be scandalous ?

Thank you to Mark Davis, investigative journalist and lawyer ('Twitter', March 16th,#FreeAssangeNOW)  for that helpful declaration. Lie, always lie ; but lie about NAME(s), so about IDENTITY. Why ? Because only can be at stake PROPER NOUNS, names (right and wrong) with their bearers : honest and dishonest people, innocent and impostor, victim(s) and offender(s), so FAMOUS NAMES or NAMES of FAMOUS PEOPLE. Guess ! No it's not a party, even not along corrupted riviera - the French-Italian one and its American-Floridian copy -, only but soon dropped names .... Guess, not guests : Court is not a stage, not a set, not a kingdom even the smallest one.... not common nouns but true proper nouns.

Names rain is then expected with massive other names, accomplice names on one hand (co-conspirators - think to Trump's main charge [Justice matters, March 16th, on FB]  : "theorist Christian nationalist groups" of a huge seditious criminal conspiracy)

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