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Trump : Dring (ring) ... indict...(Misinformation/Misunion, and C. I.)

Trump : Dring (ring) ... indict...(Misinformation/Misunion, and C. I.)

Published Mar 28, 2023 Updated Mar 28, 2023 Culture Culture
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Trump : Dring (ring) ... indict...(Misinformation/Misunion, and C. I.)

The picture is picked up from The Art Newspaper Daily (March 27th) and at least means what can be a REFUGEE CAMP (dishumanizing camp for human being sales, why not : it is so taboo in Europe or in White countries) : as well as Trump business - not Trump's Presidency of United States (so, please understand by CI : 'Conflict of Interest' and you will imagine how such a felon can be belong to a seditious huge criminal conspiracy and divide American People ....) - and Corona virus (Covid19, war/operation code) Wax for non-respect of Nuremberg Code make us think to CONCENTRATION CAMP (don't forget some of its antisemitic words)... And the photo of this Art magazine is entitled : " Italy : Banksy's migrant rescue ship detained by Itlaian authorities". And IT IS VERY SERIOUS, not for Cinecitta..... or mafioso Hollywood ..... or bling bling Riviera puppets... On Nuremberg Name of Justice, we can't not pay attention to such a screen statement (

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