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Is Julian Assange Native Australian

Is Julian Assange Native Australian

Published Mar 16, 2023 Updated Mar 16, 2023
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Is Julian Assange Native Australian

The picture, I regret for a kind of coulor loss (I'd prefer some kind of yellow), has been found in the online magazine The Conversation (Newsletter, March 14th). But this picture has the advantage to believe in a possibly game change or new political chess or reshaped map of politics. Aren't we in war ? War or fight for TRUTH that is for JUSTICE. So troubled waters, so unknown past or present lands entrapped by seas of yesterday and nowadays.


Criminal charges upon Donald Trump (which one ? There are so many) for we know he won't be indicted for fraud (Bannon and his allied concerning a fraud conspiracy), for example. It could be for felony, so near of treason and violation of The Espionage Act according to American - United States - Constitution and because of his previous presidential Office in comparison with a Russian Truth. Neither for defamation, even if we know he was disrespectful with Pence (MSNBC, FB, "The Last Word" : Ma

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