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From Indictment to Convictionand Arrestat (Jail)

From Indictment to Convictionand Arrestat (Jail)

Published Apr 1, 2023 Updated Apr 1, 2023 Culture Culture
time 4 min

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From Indictment to Convictionand Arrestat (Jail)

Today (March 31th) is a great Day for Freedom, one of the basic precious Democracy values and rights. Today is a great Day by virtue of a precious Constitution too; some of past Trump Party (it's not him no more, I suppose) thanks to a sense of political honesty, of Common..., like Mr Pence (it appears ...), know with a kind of opportunism (so addict to federal rule as a diktat : see Texas as the very example), they indeed know invoking such a legal Text, prevailing and priding themself on a judicial lawful one, a constituting and constitutional one, as archetypal (for all of citizen who are interested with) as a code of private life (any arch, for example) ...

Actually the former President of United States of America was indicted (in hush money case) by the Manhattan Grand Jury (MSNBC, News Today, March 31th) and we have heard about threats regarding it ; actually, criminal charges upon Trump wouldn't better be legitimated by such a

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