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The Rule of Law and the Name Issue

The Rule of Law and the Name Issue

Published Sep 24, 2023 Updated Sep 24, 2023 Culture Culture
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The Rule of Law and the Name Issue


I chose the picture above because of its title (a French movie one with an American title : CLASSIFIED PEOPLE) : in my mind, a spontaneous link (by ideas association) to CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS where there is necessarly names, confidential as well as public ones. Actually what is a document ? In the Mar-a-Lago case, which documents are particularly at stake ? In the Russia Case, which crosses this first case (first of all, FBI raid on Trump house), CORRUPTION sounds like FAMILY (or families, or clans) ISSUE adding a very next political world landslide. Why ? 

Ari Melber's three hosts ("The Beat", MSNBC, Sept 24th) admit a 'Constitutional Crisis' from the GOP which still squabbles (Jim Jordan, for example, like Trump, tries to interfere in criminal investigation of Trump) while more and more testimonies spill the beans, to Jack Smith Counsel for example but not only to him. More people, and especially officials one, like General Milley

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