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SHAME ON "The Kennedy Beacon"Do you really care of People ? 

SHAME ON "The Kennedy Beacon"Do you really care of People ? 

Published Sep 20, 2023 Updated Sep 20, 2023 Culture Culture
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SHAME ON "The Kennedy Beacon"Do you really care of People ? 


Be respectful and don't make or seed confusion in minds, please : STOP, enough with The Disqualified, aka The-Never-More-President-of-America, The Presumptuous aka Assange (can't wait for his trial) and some others ahead more or less soon..... Indeed this picture is found online, released by the Bobby Kennedy Jr Camp (The Kennedy Beacon, Sept 19th), and because it is unfair as well as stupid, I emphasize. Its headline : "MSNBC and the Obsolescence of Legacy Media". Shame on you Daniel Kovalik, and any Ego  : the network News would be "particularly harsh with its attacks on Robert Kennedy Jr and his campaign for president". Really ? MSNBC would be pro-Biden, and a bad press because of belonging to the mainstream. But there is a prejudice according to any mainstream, any big press or media would disinform whereas minors or a bundle of pures would inform : foolishness. A few days ago, on Twitter, Robert Francis Kennedy Jr was defending

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