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Obstruction to Justice ? Anyhow !

Obstruction to Justice ? Anyhow !

Published Sep 21, 2023 Updated Sep 21, 2023 Culture Culture
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Obstruction to Justice ? Anyhow !


Obstruction is one of the issues it is noticed from the Robert Mueller Report, especially during FIVE years, since both the election and the presidency of Trump and since, indeed now in the case of a re-election to escape to sentence, to a first Trump Trial (while many are ahead : Trump Defendant, or "Trump Trials"). Childish. No way for getting rid of Mueller Report. No way for forgetting Special Counsel of Jack Smith, and generally speaking DOJ and those classified documents Mr Trump vainly tried to steal, hide, and so on. Who can ignore the SCANDAL on the verge of emerging? Here is the headline of 'The Rachel Maddow Show' (MSNBC, Sept 21th) : "Investigations Multiply As President Donald Trump Scandals Spiral Wider". Something - Past - pushes, recedes, flows back. HIGH CRIMES ? What else ? Even Rudy Giuliani (former mayor of New York !), a co-conspirator, appears now as a loot, even sued by his own lawyer.... Imagine the CRIMINAL

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