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Why choose Panodyssey?

Why choose Panodyssey?

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Why choose Panodyssey?

Context: The original article was published by Alexandre Leforestier. Julien Guyomard, a writer on Panodyssey kindly offered to translate his article.


While the media are slumping, the market is continuing a strong run


Over the past two decades, the media market has lost 70% of its value on a global scale. Yet, the advertising market is growing.

The transfer of value is for the benefit of the GAFAs

People read, listen, watch and interact more than ever on any - mobile or fixed device. Devices that you can take everywhere and embedded technologies in cars made content consumption skyrocketing for any market. Yet, media market share is falling off. This paradox becomes an opportunity in a context that has reached the end of the road.




The GAFAs steer the content distribution, create the technologies, collect the data and capture 70% of the market value.

The media bear the content production costs which represent their main expense. Investments related to user experience are low. They don’t control the new channels of distribution which have become global. All kinds of media are relying upon local digital distribution channels: newspapers, TV, radio. Distributors make use of the content as an appealing product when they own it.

Managing the transition from print medium to digital media, and thinking up the user experience, has been exhausting to them. They have allowed themselves to be caught in a business model where the rules set by the GAFAs are squeezing the margins, until they become public slaves.

The race to consolidate audiences doesn’t help either. It’s a trap, because it has little value as the theorem rules don't change.

The GAFAs hold their own in the balance of power with both content creators and distributors. They control the access and create new uses. Their dominant position allows them to provide users with bandwidth in emerging areas. Facebook, with its “Free basics” offer, gets you to enjoy free data in Africa and they keep the entry point close to hand. In doing so, they build a barrier to entry to strengthen their leading position. 


Hooked on tech


Facebook and Google algorithms spur addiction, channel-hopping, sensational stories and a flow of notifications. The human brain time taken from users is bigger and bigger and less and less bearable.

Our brains get tired. The misuse is huge. Alerts on the drifts of the system and the pollution it generates are increasing.

Sean Parker, former president of Facebook and Roger McNamee, investors on Google and Facebook, raise the alarm bells. Let's listen to them!

We decided to address the issues underlying this paradigm shift: the decline in media credibility,  depletion in the value chain, rejection of advert, abuses of data usage and lack of transparency. Pure Player applications are often obsolete, the  scattering of information sources let the user short of breath.


Passion as the solution


Our solution: a platform for co-creation, distribution and monetising your content whether for reading, listening, watching and interacting.

Content is an asset. The Internet has nos shortage of talented people. We bring together creators and influencers on our application to put them in front of an audience that shares common passions and values. 

We have a bold and innovative technological vision to make the use of internet magical again and lay the foundations for an ecosystem that creates value and trust. 

Our technological construction allows the identification, collection and organisation of our community’s creative and passionate contributions. We value these assets through an original and respectful user experience. Passion is the leading force behind it: creative diversity and richness. 

We invest in the product and the brand.

We introduce the concept of responsibility in data usage to limit digital pollution and improve the user experience.

The ambition of our project is global, our brand name is: Panodyssey!


Panodyssey Logo


Cover photo by LikeMeat on Unsplash.


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