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Earn money by publishing đŸ’¶ đŸ’· đŸ’”

Earn money by publishing đŸ’¶ đŸ’· đŸ’”

Veröffentlicht am 21, Juni, 2021 Aktualisiert am 28, Juni, 2021 Technik
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Earn money by publishing đŸ’¶ đŸ’· đŸ’”

📣 Prime subscription is a new feature on Panodyssey!

This is the first time in the world that a writing platform offers its authors and content creators a fully integrated, on-demand monetization system.


I - The Prime subscription

This system allows the author to retain and engage his audience by ensuring a stable and recurring income. It is a simple solution for sharing and promoting exclusive quality content.

On Panodyssey, the author decides! At the time of publication of his writing, the author chooses to share his publication with everyone or only to his Prime subscribers.


II - The advantages

For the author, what are the advantages of the Prime offer?

       đŸ‘‰ Personalize the subscription: set the price and manage the exclusive content

       đŸ‘‰ Have visibility on future income

       đŸ‘‰ Retain and reward subscribers

       đŸ‘‰ Don’t depend on advertising

       đŸ‘‰ Use a simple and no-obligation solution


For the reader, what are the benefits of subscribing to a Prime Creative Room?

       đŸ‘‰ Access exclusive content and completed archives

       đŸ‘‰ Enjoy early access to content

       đŸ‘‰ Comment on the author's posts and join the subscriber community

       đŸ‘‰ Be notified of each new publication

       đŸ‘‰ Directly support the authors you love


III - How to launch my Prime?

To launch a Prime subscription, a new space was developed to allow the functionality of the Creative Room with a menu composed of three parts:

1 - Creative Room Preview: on this page, the author can find his previously published articles and drafts. He can also write new ones.

2 - My subscribers: on this page, the author can view the list of his Prime subscribers, listed from most recent to the oldest. He may find out more by clicking on a subscriber's profile.

3 - Subscription management: on this page, the author can personalize the subscription offer for his Prime Creative Room by setting the monthly and annual price, then by selecting the articles reserved for subscribers.


"The Prime subscription is the best way for an author to obtain a periodic remuneration by looking towards the future"


IV - Guaranteed economic transparency

The transaction management system is completely secure. When a reader subscribes, the author is immediately informed by notification and email.

The author's wallet is instantly credited with the amount of the subscription, minus the 16% Panodyssey commission, applicable VAT in accordance with legal provisions, and bank transaction fees.

To learn more about Panodyssey's transparent business model, we invite you to read this article: Direct and immediate compensation.


Prime is the perfect tool for content professionals who want to make money by publishing.

At Panodyssey, talent is always rewarded!


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