facebook Summer Styling Of The Velvet Dupatta UK – Indian Fashion Blogger In The UK
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Summer Styling Of The Velvet Dupatta UK – Indian Fashion Blogger In The UK

Summer Styling Of The Velvet Dupatta UK – Indian Fashion Blogger In The UK

Publié le 13 juil. 2020 Mis à jour le 6 déc. 2021
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Summer Styling Of The Velvet Dupatta UK – Indian Fashion Blogger In The UK

Scarves (or dupattas in Hindi) have long played second fiddle to bags and shoes in the accessory department.
With the re-emergence of retro scarf trends from the ’90s; there is no question in my mind that we have hit peak fashion scarf nostalgia. Velvet dupatta UK fits seamlessly in with our current obsession of all things vintage; time to revel in its versatility. It seems to be sweeping through the zeitgeist and, thus, the mass fashion market too.

I confess I’m not a velvet dupatta UK person. I tend to find them slightly superfluous: they get in the way; add complicated layers and lines to a silhouette; are another thing to carry around, or lose, get flustered and tangled up sin. My wardrobe is better without them. That’s what I thought – until now.
As soon as London Fashion Week got underway last season; there was a renewed focus on this item – as an individual piece, less an accessory and more a fashion garment in its own right. Styled up to statement effect, wrapped tight, straight and just so, they were central to looks; completed them; made them different and moved them on from seasons before. Suddenly all I could think about was how I wanted one and more importantly, how I wanted to incorporate it in my collection.

But it’s not just a case of enlacing yourself in one. Like anything, for it to look good – effortless even; it needs to come from a place of desire and need. That craving took the shape of Rani velvet dupattaUK for me. Crafted in black velvet; the dupatta has a splattering of tastefully placed gold embroidered appliqués all over; giving it an element of richness and sophistication.
I see the Rani velvet dupatta UK as a fun and attractive way to transform an outfit; making it a pièce de résistance.

Here is my way of styling the Rani velvet dupatta UK in three ways; giving you outfit inspiration for summer:

I have christened it the cape drape; wherein the Rani velvet dupatta UK hangs around the shoulder; with both ends cascading at the front.

Source: Pinterest, Aza Fashions & Rani velvet dupatta by DinaUdupa

A traditional way of wearing the Rani velvet dupatta UK; it waterfalls beautifully on one side of the shoulder revelling in its full majestic glory.

Source: StyleGap.com, Heenakochhar.com & Rani velvet dupatta from DinaUdupa

This drape is an effortless way of wearing the dupatta. Drape the Rani velvet dupatta UK around the shoulder from one side. One edge of the dupatta falls at the front; the other end at the back.

Source: Pinterest, Nykaa Fashion & Rani velvet dupatta by DinaUdupa

So this summer; why not let the Rani velvet dupatta UK do the style talking.

Dina Udupa is the designer of her London based eponymous women’s wear brand; a celebration of luxurious fabrics in simple, elegant design forms.

lecture 182 lectures
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