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Use cases: what can I do with Panodyssey Pro?

Use cases: what can I do with Panodyssey Pro?

Published Nov 25, 2022 Updated Jan 9, 2023 Technology
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On Panodyssey, you can read up to 30 publications per month without being logged in. Enjoy29 articles to discover this month.

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Use cases: what can I do with Panodyssey Pro?

This section will show you how Panodyssey can help you increase the visibility of your professional activity. Every use case is illustrated with examples featuring editors, medias and other cultural actors who have already switched to Panodyssey Pro. ⭐


  • Creating a media associated to a brand
  • Organising online writing contests
  • Promoting books and sharing extracts
  • Optimising my social media management


Creating a media associated to a brand

With Panodyssey Pro, you can create a media associated to your brand. Blogs, newspapers, corporate magazines... Give your brand the visibility it deserves.

Here, you do not need to waste your time and ressources to create a website. You can publish content and manage your brand media straight from our platform.

Panodyssey brings the best of both worlds: on one hand, it is easy to publish and read content like on a CMS, and on the other hand, through a powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tool, articles can be easily discovered on the web. Last but not least, you can create paid content with a subsription plan and enjoy all the social features of a social media platform.

  • Create thematic spaces with Panodyssey's Creative Rooms;

  • Write and publish your articles;

  • Share your content on other social networks and reply to your readers' comments;

  • Collaborate with other members of your team on Panodyssey.

WorldCrunch already launched their online media. What are you waiting for? ;)


Why choose Panodyssey?


Content published on Panodyssey

Content published on a personal website

Content is created online. Management is easy and code-free.

❌ Coding and daily maintenance are required.

Powerful SEO tool that is managed automatically. Your articles can be found online. 100 % of your content is referenced on Google.

❌SEO strategy to build from scratch. Content indexation and bug resolution to plan.

Content is shared in one clic on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

❌  Content has to be shared manually.

Content can be monetised in one click.

❌ The monetisation options need to be integrated manually (coding, payment platform or e-commerce solution required).

Readers can subscribe to your content and write comments.

❌ RSS application needed to monitor new articles.


Organising online writing contests

Is there a better way than writing contests to promote a brand and spread the love for writing and culture? Panodyssey is the ideal platform to easily launch and manage an online writing contest.

Here, you don't need to publish advertisement on third party websites then check all the texts sent by email. You can publish the contest rules on Panodyssey then share the article in one clic on all your social networks to launch the event.

Panodyssey is well referenced on all the search engines. This will give your article an outstanding visibility. With little effort, you will draw writers into the contest, not to mention that every text published will boost your image. Even after the contest, the texts published will continue to attract visitors and increase your visibility. 

👉 How to launch a writing contest?

1. Open a Creative Room associated with the event.

2. Publish the event rules.

3. Share the article on your social networks in one click.

You can easily find all the texts published as part of the contest. Simply ask the participants to add a dedicated tag that to their work (ex. #MyPandemicStory).

This is what Pandoyssey did to promote their Poetic festival contest. Click here to find a template to create a standard writing contest. You can adapt it as you like.

Encart concours page d'accueil

If you would like Panodyssey to launch and promote a writing contest on your behalf and promote it on the platform, send us an email at

Promoting books and sharing extracts

Panodyssey is the best friend of editors, literary critics and content creators, including the ones that are active in the "bookstagram" community. Indeed, it is the only social network that can host long content pieces, which makes it an ideal platform to publish authors interviews, books reviews or extracts. This way, readers will want to buy your newest writings published in paper format.

Here, you are free to introduce new formats to your readers: audio books, readings of extracts, behind-the-scene experiences, virtual literary cafes... Panodyssey goes beyond the publication of articles. The social media platform also allows you to interact and bond with your readers.

Brands who publish content on Panodyssey can increase their visibility. Not only are their articles available on the web, which does not restrict the readership to their initial community, but, unlike on traditional social media platforms, their lifetime is indefinite. Panodyssey is 100% ad-free and has been designed to offer its users a reading experience like nowhere else on the web.

So, like Lisa Marra, editorial director for the publisher Linea, or Danielle Hampson, creator of  Podcast des auteurs, enter the Panodyssey world and share your latest finds. The world deserves to discover the texts you love. 

Creative Room Linea edizioni


Optimising my social media management

Professionals need social networks to increase their visibility. However, those plaforms require huge human and financial resources to work, and do not always guarantee a great visibility, even if you buy advertisement spaces. 

On Panodyssey, make your activity more visible, with less effort!

From this space, you will be able to share your articles on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook in one clic and preserve your metadata. Once online, your articles will be stored and archived. Their visibility will increase without any paid advertisement (Padodyssey is 100% ad-free!). Thanks to the powerful SEO tool integrated to our social media platform, your content will attract visitors continuously.

Good news for your community manager! 😁


Why choose Panodyssey?



Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

✅ Social media platform dedicated to writing

❌ Mainstream social media platforms

✅Articles stored and archived in thematic spaces (Creative Rooms)

❌ No thematic spaces for your articles

✅ Unlimited lifetime

❌ Very short lifetime (24h max.)

✅ Easy sharing of articles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in 1 clic, will all their metadata

❌Not optimised for sharing articles on other social media platforms

✅ Integration of different formats: texts, images, sound and video of unlimited length

❌ Formatting constraint: each social media platform has their own rules, and text length is limited.

✅Content is easy to find through SEO

❌ SEO not applicable to the articles

✅ Comments can be found on the web through SEO [coming soon]

❌ SEO not applicable to the comments

✅ Less community moderation needed, as the platform is protected and the accounts are certified

❌More exposed to trolling, spamming and "bad buzz" risks



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