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Publishing and working together

Publishing and working together

Published Nov 22, 2022 Updated Nov 25, 2022 Tech Tech
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Publishing and working together

This section will explain how to publish on Panodyssey and work in a collaborative way with other members of the community.

We will give you the keys to write content, alone or with other creators. 🤝


  • What is a Creative Room?
  • How do I open a Creative Room on Panodyssey?
  • How do I publish content on Panodyssey?
  • Which formats are accepted on Panodyssey?
  • How do I transfer a publication from a Creative Room to another?
  • How do I write content with other people?


What is a Creative Room?

Creative Rooms are spaces where creators and brand publish their content. The publications that relate to each other are stored together in a Creative Room. This way, your readers can easily access your content. Super practical, right?

👉 You can create as many Creative Rooms and publish as much content as you wish, so don't be shy ;)


How do I open a Creative Room on Panodyssey?

Opening a Creative Room is super easy:

1. Certify your account

If you account has not been certified yet, you can read about the certification process here. Only the brands and organisations whose accounts are certified can publish on Panodyssey.

2. Click on your avatar then go to Write > New Creative Room.

3. Give your Creative Room a title, fill in its description and upload a banner picture.

👉 Give it a clear title and write a faithful description of its content (must be 10 characters minimum and 255 maximum). To draw readers' attention, upload a nice banner.

4. Click on "Save changes". Your Creative Room is open!

👉 Tip: click on "Reader view" to see what your Creative Room looks like.


How do I publish content on Panodyssey?

There are three ways to publish content on Panodyssey:

1 - Go to the Creative Room that will host your content and click on "Write the first article".

2 - Alternatively, click on your avatar then on "New article". You will be invited to put your new article in one of your Creative Rooms.

3 - You can also click on the "New article" button that is in the banner. You will be invited to put your new article in one of your Creative Rooms.

The Panodyssey text editor will then open. Let your creativity take on. Once your content is ready to be shared, you can click on "Publish". 

👉 Tip: check the progress bar on the right side; it helps you optimise your article.


Which formats are accepted on Panodyssey?

The Panodyssey text editor allows you to integrate many formats in your article:

  • Texts;
  • Tables;
  • Illustrations;
  • Code;
  • Videos;
  • Sounds.

Our goal is to help all kinds of creators meet each other and bring some innovation in the content publishing. Let's unlock our creativity 😉. Podcasts, videos, texts, comics, photos... they all belong here!


How do I transfer a publication from a Creative Room to another?

When you write an article, you also pick the Creative Room that will host it. You can reorder your content as you wish at any time. To do so:

1. Click on the publication that you want to transfer.

The text editor appears. It is the same process as for editing the article, but you do not need to modify its content.

2. Click on the name of the Creative Room that is highlighted.

3. Name your new Creative Room.

If you created it before, it will appear in the different options available. You just need to click on it to transfer your publication.

Et voilà! Your article has been transfered to another Creative Room.


How do I write content with other people?

On Panodyssey, several creators can work together. To do so:

1. Add as a friend the creator you want to collaborate with.

2. Go to the article you want to share with the creator.

3. Click on « Edit the publication ». The text editor appears.

4. Click on "Invite to collaborate".

The collaboration tool is on the top right of your screen.

5. Choose the friend you would like to add as a collaborator.

Their photo and name now appear in the text editor. Add them and click on "Back to article".

6. Manage the collaboration rights.

If you click on your collaborators' profiles, you can manage their rights (as with any collaboration tool).

  • "Read": the person can only read and not modify the text.
  • "Modify": the person can edit the content, but not publish it.
  • "Publish": the person has the same rights as you on the publication. They can modify its content and publish it.

👉 You can add as many collaborators as you want to an article!



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