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Creative Room European Alliance (CREA) is growing ! 

Creative Room European Alliance (CREA) is growing ! 

Published Aug 26, 2022 Updated Aug 26, 2022
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Creative Room European Alliance (CREA) is growing ! 

What is the CREA  ?

This consortium gathers 9 international partners in 5 countries from the media, culture, education and technology fields.

The aim of the CREA is to create a new digital space thanks to an innovative approach around the creation and diffusion of content by taking on societal subjects representing a priority for Europe.

The consortium is open to new associated partners to amplify its impact. The goal is to create a solid alternative to the GAFAMs.

CREA Founders

  • AGENCIA EFE : Spanish press agency, European leader in the audiovisual sector (1939).
  • BSC SME : Bulgarian non-governmental organisation in the cultural sector (1996).
  • CAP DIGITAL : Eurpopean competitivity and digital transformation pole (2006).
  • CEIPES : Italian education and development establishmenr (2007)
  • PANODYSSEY : French startup in the digital content sector (2018)
  • PRO PROGRESSIONE : Multidisciplinary Hungarian organization for arts and culture (2008)
  • VENETIAN CLUSTER : Italian cluster for culture and innovation, base in Venice (2014)
  • VOXEUROP : Multilingual online media for the European influence (2014)
  • WORLDCRUNCH : International English-speaking online medial (2011)

New Associated Partners 

LINEA EDIZIONI : Linea Edizioni is an Italian publisher. Independent publishing house, associated with the AIE, founded in Padua in 2015 to promote publications capable of stimulating reflection and discussion on topics of collective interest. Organizer of cultural events with an interdisciplinary approach.

EDR LAB : EDRLab is an international, non-profit development laboratory, working on the deployment of an open, interoperable and accessible digital publishing ecosystem, worldwide. EDRLab develops technology to accelerate the adoption of digital reading in different forms: text, audio and image.

TECNIOPOLIS PST : Tecnopolis PST is an Italian organization created by the University of Bari for the management of the Technological Park. Tecnopolis PST, promotes, manages and develops the activities of the Technology Park : laboratories, research and development centers, institutions and innovative companies, creation of new innovative companies and university spin-offs. 


lecture 118 lectures
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