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Press Release - December 2020 

Press Release - December 2020 

Published Dec 8, 2020 Updated Dec 8, 2020
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Press Release - December 2020 


Panodyssey launches its innovation to rethink the economy of the publishing and cultural sector in the midst of the crisis. Creators are directly supported by their readers to finance editorial projects and causes that are close to their hearts.

Panodyssey is already revolutionizing the online writing and reading experience. Publishing becomes a pleasure without limits. Elaborated, developed, and hosted in France, the platform is open to everyone free of charge and without advertising.

Panodyssey unveils its new feature: it will soon launch a participative platform completely integrated into its online ecosystem. All content creators of the Panodyssey social network will be able to raise funds from their communities in a simple way to help them develop their projects.

The health and economic crisis is considerably increasing the need for innovative "made in France" solutions in the creative sector. The pandemic has lead to lockdowns. The winners of the crisis are the GAFA. Confined populations interact and inform themselves even more on social networks. However, social networks' functioning is more and more questioned in a context where misinformation, abuses, and doubt are omnipresent.

Panodyssey has decided to ensure full transparency on the entire value chain of its business model. This approach is revolutionary in the sector! When a donor helps a creator, Panodyssey displays the amount of French taxes, the amount paid to the creator for a transaction, and the amount of his commission.

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lecture 126 lectures
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