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Journey to Enchantment

Journey to Enchantment

Published Apr 3, 2024 Updated Apr 3, 2024 Fantasy
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Journey to Enchantment

In a land of magic and mystery untold,
Lived a boy whose story was yet to unfold,
With his family by his side, he set off on a train,
Not knowing where it led, but eager for the gain.

The journey was long, but they traveled with glee,
Through enchanted forests and mountains, they could see,
The boy's heart beat fast, as they neared the end,
Wondering what surprises lay around the bend.

As the train came to a stop, the boy stepped out,
His eyes wide with wonder, his heart full of doubt,
For what he saw was beyond his wildest dreams,
A city of gold, shimmering in the sunbeams.

The streets were lined with magical creatures galore,
From fairies to unicorns, they'd never seen before,
The boy's family looked on in awe and delight,
As they explored this city, bathed in magical light.

As they journeyed on, the boy's heart swelled with pride,
For he knew he'd discovered a world he'd never seen inside,
And though his journey was long, and his path unsure,
He knew he'd found a treasure that would forever endure.

For in this land of magic and mystery untold,
The boy had found a world worth more than gold,
And though he'd never know what lay beyond the bend,
He knew his journey had just begun, and it would never end.

lecture 55 readings
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