facebook How can we survive? What actions can we undertake? (Part IV)
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How can we survive? What actions can we undertake? (Part IV)

How can we survive? What actions can we undertake? (Part IV)

Published Apr 28, 2021 Updated Apr 28, 2021
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How can we survive? What actions can we undertake? (Part IV)


And we will be done with whistleblowers.



And we will be done with whistleblowers”, this is the meaningful final sentence of the article How whistleblowers are being assassinated in France (Part IV)” written by Stéphanie Gibaud. It perfectly matches the deep thoughts which we, the whistleblowers have had these last years when each of us was wondering what we could do when confronted with complex, surprising inhuman unfair stories of women and men who have had the courage to say the truth.

As company managers, we understand better than anyone else the financial stakes, the unfaithful competition, the failings of public markets and the opacity of the commercial world where each actor has until now played with the sole thought of a very short-term profitability.

During the last few years, the scandals revealed have demonstrated that it is of utmost importance that the professional world evolves extremely quickly. The managers must understand the extent of their responsibility to be taken in ecological, economical, ethical and human terms. This is why we have been induced to develop solution proposals which are not associative, nor relating to short-sighted generosity.

In order to offer a better world to the future generations, we have decided to act concretely from today whilst bringing a real support to these honest citizens. Our responsibilities as company managers often lead us to make decisions alone so we have understood the solitude which whistleblowers face when fighting the challenges of opacity, which has led to rampant corruption and impunity.

First of all to be able to proceed we would like to organize professional assistance for the whistleblowers whilst uniting around them with the best in all the known and diverse fields they would need, whether it is concerning legal, administrative, medical or financial themes and even via the media. Furthermore, we will back up the financial losses and the career gaps which these heroes of the modern ages suffer from. The project in which we will get heavily involved will allow each of them to keep their own salary and to continue their career in their professional field. After setting the examples to follow, the whistleblowers will put the experience of their own path at the disposal of the ones who will succeed them. Hence, this project will be totally independent of political men and parties. Its autonomy will answer the concrete and basic needs of the whistleblowers. It will be a citizen lobbying and therefore will not allow any potential conflicts of interest.

Very soon, we will precisely communicate the field actions taken on the side of whistleblowers in order that crime committed does not go unpunished in the long run and that the ones who have the courage to stand up against corruption will definitely be supported, accompanied and protected.


The group Themis

Themis is a group of actors of the French society: company directors, legal advisors, academics, magistrates, policemen, researchers, citizens, associations etc.


To be followed: How can we survive? What actions can we undertake (Part V)?


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