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Panodyssey Across Europe, Episode 1 : Bulgaria

Panodyssey Across Europe, Episode 1 : Bulgaria

Published Jun 15, 2022 Updated Jun 30, 2022 Culture Culture
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Panodyssey Across Europe, Episode 1 : Bulgaria

To further its development and future growth, Panodyssey has initiated a Pan European adventure called CREATIVE ROOM EUROPEAN ALLIANCE (CREA).  Its story is told in a series of articles.

You may have heard of it through our articles in Panodyssey and publications on social networks. Our intention here was to team up with european allies that would share our values and vision for the future of european creation.

In our journey, we have been fortunate enough to win partnership with top-tier companies and association like Agencia EFE, Worldcrunch, CEIPES, but also very dedicated and farseeing people.

                                                                              Photos of the reunion taken by Iliana Draganova

                                                                            Picture of the header : Iliana Draganova from BSC SME


In this article, which is the first of a journalistic series about our journey around Europa, we wanted to talk about the national coordination meeting of Entreprise Europe Network – Bulgaria that happened on June 9 in Bourgas, Bulgaria.

Iliana Draganova, Head of project at Business Support Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises, was kind enough to bring us pictures of this event, where Panodyssey and CREA have been presented to her colleagues from the Network.

And this is how the message will be spread: those colleagues are expected to communicate this information to their clients and stakeholders, helping our social network and its allies gain traction and visibility all across Bulgaria.

CREA Launch Event has also taken place earlier in June with the support of BSC SME, organizing the event in Ruse Regional Library.

The Launch event passed with great interest from the Ruse cultural and creative community. They were very eager to understand how does the new social media work and how they can take advantage of it to promote their author texts.

The protection of author’s rights was in the focus of participating writers, poets, publishers, media, PR agencies, translators, bibliologists, schools and NGOs questions – how the system of Panodyssey protects authors texts and images, how does the block chain technology work in practice, is the system hacker proof were of particular interest to the participants.


If you want to create value differently,
If you want to share value fairly,
Join Panodyssey,
Join the Creative Room European Alliance

If you want to join the Creative Room European Alliance (CREA) as partner, please contact us :


A few articles related to this event :

Ruse Media

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Bernard Ducosson 1 year ago

Rusons donc les media en commençant dans l'e-media !

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