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"My Favorite Christmas Moment" Writing Contest     

"My Favorite Christmas Moment" Writing Contest     

Published Dec 1, 2022 Updated Dec 2, 2022 Culture Culture
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"My Favorite Christmas Moment" Writing Contest     

With great expectation from our audience and with our immense pleasure, here we are again as we promised to our writers and readers with a new Christmas-themed Creative Writing Contest.

December is a magical month that gives us an atmosphere full of promises, hopes and the desire to celebrate every day. Our mind travels freely and fantasizes about which gifts to buy, which dress to wear, who to invite to the party, where to celebrate the important days, which holiday to pick and how to make people who are important to us happy, and in the meantime our heart beats strong and happy for the thousand emotions. A period in which everyone is excited and looking forward to receiving gifts, in which you smile as you prepare the decorations throughout the house, a letter is written to Santa Claus and a glass of milk and biscuits are prepared by the fireplace. Excited just at the thought of all these things? Marvelous!

Write these emotions on a blank page in Panodyssey and make us dream with "My Favorite Christmas Moment". Enter this year's most engaging Christmas contest and let the magic take its course. Do you hear the bells too? And the scent of freshly made hot chocolate? The warmth of the fireplace with its regular crackling and the melting snow? Then you too, like all of us, have been captured by the magic of Christmas and we can't wait to get excited and delighted with "My Favorite Christmas Moment" writings. 


Read on and unwrap the rules of the contest!


1. Structure of your text

👉  Write about your favorite Christmas moment.                               

👉  English, French, German, Italian, Spanish. Write your magic moment in one of these languages.

👉  Has to be an original and unique text. 

👉  Maximum 1000 words

👉  There must be at least one photo with their own copyrights.                                              


2. How to win

The jury is made up of all the readers on the platform, so everything depends on their decision.

In order to win, you need to have the most read, commented and liked text. The winners will be the top three finishers. Wait, there is more!                                                                    

Surprise! Panodyssey can name an extra winner if it decides that a story is particularly well written, with quality content and the right qualifications to be awarded. 

So take your time and amaze us with your magical Christmas story.              


3. How to participate in this contest 

👉  Sign up and create your personal account on Panodyssey

👉  Certify your personal information so you can become officially a writer                                        

👉  Create and personalize a Creative Room  

👉  Enter the article you want to publish in the apposite Creative Room

👉 Before posting insert the tags MyFCM plus the hashtag that refers to your language MyFCMen or MyFCMfr or MyFCMge or MyFCMit or MyFCMsp. For instance, if you write in German before posting you will need to add tags MyFCM and MyFCMge                                         

👉  Publish your story                                                                        

👉  Invite your community to read and like your publication to amplify the impact and your chances to win. 


If you're under 15 and wish to participate 

People under 15 can publish writings on Panodyssey if they have a parental authorisation carefully transmitted to our team by sending it to: The process is really simple and fast with just a few steps.

For more details, please click here.                                                 


If you're a teacher and wish to make your students participate  

You can publish the texts of your student by creating a profile under your name and publish your students' texts in your Panodyssey Creative Room. Otherwise, you can ask your students and their parents to do it in their names with a parental authorization as explained above.


4. Award for the big winners

 1,000 euros!   

A generous donation of 1,000 euros from Panodyssey directly into the author's Panodyssey wallet for the writer who amassed more than 100,000 reads for his Christmas publication in this contest.  

  All winners will be featured on all of our social media and shared with Panodyssey's European network of publishers and media. 


5. Deadline

Pay attention to the deadline! Authors can participate in the context starting the date of publication of this article until the 31st of January 2023. 

                Don't forget







lecture 270 readings
thumb 3 comments

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Galina Barashka 7 months ago

It's been a while. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't manage to find any information on the winners announcement date.

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