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New associated partners are joining the CREA : who are they ?

New associated partners are joining the CREA : who are they ?

Published Sep 16, 2022 Updated Feb 24, 2023 Tech Tech
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New associated partners are joining the CREA : who are they ?

1 - EDR Lab from France

Why did you join the CREA #1?

EDRLab is always ready for participating in innovative projects in the realm of digital publishing at a European scale. CREA offers the opportunity to meet new partners and use the skill of its team to strengthen a new European publishing platform.

Could you please present us your organisation?

EDRLab is a non-profit development lab working on the deployment of an open, interoperable, and accessible digital publishing ecosystem; it is a key element in the creation of a strong European e-book and e-education market.


2 - Linea Edizioni from Italy

Could you please present us your organisation?

Linea Edizioni is an Italian publisher. Independent publishing house, associated with the AIE, founded in Padua in 2015 to promote publications capable of stimulating reflection and discussion on topics of collective interest. Organizer of cultural events with an interdisciplinary approach.


3 - Minalogic from France

Could you please present us your organisation?

Founded in 2005, Minalogic is the digital technology cluster for France’s Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

With offices in Grenoble, Lyon, and Saint-Etienne, Minalogic drives an ecosystem of nearly 500 members that includes more than 430 innovative companies from across the region that cover the entire digital technology value chain. Minalogic’s members also include universities, research organizations, local government, banks and investors to sustain a unique network dedicated to innovation in digital technologies.

Minalogic helps all of its stakeholders make business connections through targeted, qualified introductions and create opportunities to innovate and grow at the national, European, and international levels.


4 - Tecnopolis from Italy

Why did you join the CREA #1?

Working in cooperation projects and analysing needs of local CCIs we found that sometimes they lack digital upskilling and technology exploitation as major requirements for competitive growth and development. CREA project, providing innovative approach around the creation and diffusion of writing contents, can offer our stakeholders meaningful tools and opportunities to reach a wider audience presenting their experiences in a more attractive way and joining a focused network of creators.

Could you please present us your organisation?

TECNOPOLIS Science & Technology Park is based in Puglia region (Italy) and has high level competence in entrepreneurial process and technology transfer initiatives. In recent years TECNOPOLIS worked in several national and EU initiatives promoting tourism SMEs and CCIs as drivers of economic growth and launched the local CREATIVE HUB as part of the network “CAST - Creative and Sustainable Tourism Initiative” involving organization from the adriatic-ionian area and beyond in supporting the inter-linkage between CCIs and Tourism industry to develop and deliver creative and sustainable tourism products and to implement positive practices in both sectors.


5 - Wassati from France

Why did you join the CREA #1?

Wassati’s team joined CREA because we believe that these types of Social Network we called « Engaging » have the power to change the way human societies are created without the old barriers of cultures, religions, nationalities and education and even languages. To solve the huge challenges humanity is facing we do need to share, exchange and act more. CREA belongs to this category.

Could you please present us your organisation?

Wassati is a research institute and also a data and AI based solutions provider to help organisations develop their « engaging side » to involve more in their communities and act more in favor of what is the most important to them. Wassati use « Engaging Social Network » new data to help develop their communities by enhancing the experience : providing ease and efficiency, detecting the emotions turning into sentiments, aligning values and developping values for all. 


6 - JDH Editions

Pourquoi rejoindre la CREA #1 / Why did you join the CREA #1 ? 

Mus par un esprit communautaire à l'intérieur de notre organisation (nos auteurs forment une communauté), nous aimerions aussi développer cet esprit communautaire à l'extérieur de notre organisation donc avec des partenaires, et en particulier à l'international car nous souhaitons un vrai développement mondial et pour commencer européen. 

Driven by a community spirit within our organisation (our authors form a community), we would also like to develop this community spirit outside our organisation, i.e. with partners, and in particular internationally, as we would like to see a real worldwide development, starting with Europe.     

Pourriez-vous présenter votre organsiation ?/ Could you please present us your organisation?

JDH Editions est un éditeurs de livres, avec un champ éditorial très large incluant les oeuvres classiques "augmentées" (préfaces, illustrations etc.) La spécificité est l'aspect communautaire, le fait d'intégrer nos propres médias (comme une web tv), de réaliser des livres sur mesure et livres d'entreprise et de s'internationaliser.

JDH Editions is a book publisher, with a very broad editorial scope including classic works "augmented" (prefaces, illustrations etc). The specificity is the community aspect, the fact of integrating our own media (such as a web TV), of making custom books and corporate books and of going international. 


7 - Sustain Harvests from France

Could you please present us your organisation?

Sustain Harvests harmonizes relationships between projects owners, investors & partners. We accelerate the companies sustainable growth, support the production systems metamorphosis by limiting risks and keep in touch with stakeholders to invest in the long term. 

Climate change, demographics, geopolitics, health problems and emergence of soft skills are our environmental responsibilities challenge. Our priorities are to facilitate and animate relations between stakeholders in order to implement the production systems metamorphosis.Optimizing relationships and links to facilitate the emergence of companies with the will to develop. To create meaning to the expertise of our partners. Giving access to investors willing to be actors of these metamorphoses are the keystone of our worldwide action

“ We are unique because we include double materiality, social responsibility, anti-corruption management systems & the European Data Act. ”

Why did you join the CREA #1?

Contribute to meaning for the harmonization of relations between project leaders, investors and creative partners.

Communicate and share the achievements and the people who carry out the metamorphosis of the productive systems.

Be actors in the metamorphosis of productive systems by co-constructing exchanges with users within the Creative Rooms of the Panodyssey social engagement network run by Creative Europe.

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