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Published Mar 31, 2021 Updated Mar 31, 2021
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The 30th of March 2021 is a day to remember: Panodyssey has launched a new feature 🚀

This feature was a demand from our community on Panodyssey... We are listening to our writers, and we delivered them what they asked for : the comment section

Our vision of the comment is different from the one you usually see on other social medias, we want to honor the comment section. Because, at Panodyssey, we take the best that exists elsewhere and we transform it to something that is true to our values and our philosophy. 


Who can comment on an article on Panodyssey? 

Everyone of course! But not just anyone... On Panodyssey, bots are not invited to the party 🤖 : no comments for them because our authors are authentic.

✍🏻 To comment on an article:

     👉 either you are a real authentified human (through the ID check process) ✅

    👉 or you are a generous human, a donator who has already financially supported an author 💰 (and our financial partner, Mangopay has already tackled the authentication process) ✅

⛔️ ⛔️ ⛔️ Fake profiles, fake views, bots, every digital pollution and mostly ads cannot break through the fortress that Panodyssey is 🏰

On Panodyssey, those who write are respecting and believing in our values. Building a new european digital model is possible and we prove it everyday ! 🇪🇺

Feel free to comment on this article and share publicly your feedback, ideas and needs.

That's one small step for Panodyssey, one giant leap for the new digital model.

Our Team and I wish you to share thoughtful and deep writing and reading moments on Panodyssey,


See you soon on Panodyssey,


Sincerely ❤️


                                            - Joris, Marc, Yann, Thomas, Valentin, Julie, Leïla, Alexandre, Sébastien & our lucky star ✨


lecture 78 lectures
thumb 2 comments
2 reactions
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Comments (2)


Duc Ha Duong 1 year

Great achievement ! Congrats !
Thanks a lot dear member ! ❤️
It's just the beginning of the story...

Then, don't hesitate to share your feedback about this new feature... to help us to improve it !

Have a nice day !

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