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A revolution is on its way : this time, worldwide !

A revolution is on its way : this time, worldwide !

Published Mar 18, 2021 Updated Mar 22, 2021
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A revolution is on its way : this time, worldwide !

In a previous article, we explained that a revolution was underway. We told you that Panodyssey believes in creativity and its values: we opened the donation program which allows a reader to support a creation and to show its author that his/her creativity has an important meaning.  It is also a way for the readers to show that they liked what the authors published. It thus motivates them to follow their creation path!  Ultimately, at Panodyssey creators and readers directly benefit from a virtuous circle created at Panodyssey.

Until now, this revolution was very French but it is not anymore!

Today, all the creators from the 121 territories listed below* can open their Panodyssey wallet and thus benefit from this virtuous circle: above all, Panodyssey is a community of united creators, coming from all over the world.

Dear creators, feel free to open your wallet on Panodyssey now!


* Panodyssey is opened to creators located in the following territories:

- Europe

Andorra - AD

Austria - AT

Belgium - BE

Bulgaria - BG

Cyprus - CY

Croatia - HR

Czech republic - CZ

Denmark - DK

Estonia - EE

Faroe Islands - FO

Finland - FI

France - FR

Georgia - GE

Germany - DE

Gibraltar - GI

Greece - GR

Hungary - HU

Ireland - IE

Iceland - IS

Italy - IT 

Latvia - LV

Liechtenstein - LI

Lithuania - LT

Luxembourg - LU

North Macedonia - MK

Malta - MT

Man (Isle of) - IM

Monaco - MC

Moldova - MD

Netherlands - NL

Norway - NO

Poland - PL 

Portugal - PT

Romania - RO

San Marino - SM

Slovakia - SK

Slovenia - SI

Spain - ES

Sweden - SE

Swiss - CH

Turkey - TR

United Kingdom - UK

State of Vatican City - VAT


- Africa

Benin - BJ

Burkina Faso - BF

Cameroon - CM

Cap-Vert - CV

Comoros - KM

Djibouti - DJ

Kenya - KE

Lesotho - LS

Madagascar - MG

Malawi - MW

Morocco - MA

Rwanda - RW

Saint Helen's Island - SH

Senegal - SN

South Africa - ZA

Suriname - SR

Swaziland - SZ

Tanzania - TZ

Togo - TG


- America

Argentina - AR

Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba - BQ

Brazil - BR

Canada - CA

Chile - CL

Costa Rica - CR

Curaçao - CW

Dominica - DM

Dominican Republic - DO

Falkland Islands - FK

Honduras - HN

Mexico - MX

Paraguay - PY

Peru - PE

Puerto Rico - PR

Saint Martin (Dutch) - MF

Salvador - SV

United States of America - US

Uruguay - UY


- Asia

Bhutan - BT

China - CN

East Timor - TP

Hong Kong - HK

India - IN

Japan - JP

Korea (The Republic of) - KR

Malaysia - MY

Philippines - PH

Singapore - SG

Taiwan - TW

Thailand -  TH

Vietnam - VN


- Oceania

Australia - AU 

Cocos Island - CC

Cook Islands - CK

Fiji - FJ

Kiribati - KI

New Caledonia - NC

New Zealand - NZ

Solomon Islands - SB

Tonga - TO 


- Middle East

Armenia - AM

Azerbaijan - AZ

Bahrein - BH

Israel - IL

Jordan - JO

Oman - OM

Qatar - QA

Saudi Arabia - SA

United Arab Emirates - AE


- France / Overseas territories

French Guiana - GF

French Polynesia - PF

Guadeloupe - GP

Martinique - MQ

Mayotte - YT

Réunion - RE

Saint Barthélemy - BL

Saint Martin - MF

Saint Pierre and Miquelon - PM

lecture 166 lectures
thumb 0 comment
4 reactions
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