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Newsletter on Hungarian Literature

Newsletter on Hungarian Literature

Published Feb 27, 2023 Updated Feb 27, 2023
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Newsletter on Hungarian Literature

As Panodyssey is a remarkable international platform committed to cultivating writing and fostering creativity, we have chosen to devote this month's special newsletter to the rich tradition of Hungarian literature and its talented authors.

Hungarian literature has played a pivotal role in shaping the cultural identity of Hungary and has had a profound impact on the development of Central European literature at large. Rooted in the country's diverse history and cultural heritage, Hungarian literature bears the imprint of both Eastern and Western European traditions. Similarly Panodyssey strives to capture the very essence of European culture and to deliver distinctive and memorable content to its audience.


Hungarian literature is renowned for its inventive and artistic expression. Throughout its history, it has been marked by a spirit of experimentation and innovation, which is evident in its use of language, form, and style. Symbolism and metaphor feature prominently, adding depth and nuance to the literary works and allowing for multiple interpretations. Hungarian writers frequently push the boundaries of language and form, utilizing unconventional stylistic devices and literary forms. This experimental approach helps to create a distinctive voice and style that is characteristic of Hungarian literature. In addition, the creative use of satire, humor, and irony is a hallmark of Hungarian literature, adding to its unique and vibrant character.


Since October 2022, Panodyssey has been honored to have two distinguished Hungarian writers serve as our ambassadors. Their regular contributions to the platform have been invaluable in promoting Panodyssey to a Hungarian audience.


Anita Moskát


Anita Moskát is an accomplished Hungarian writer and editor who specializes in speculative fiction. Based in Budapest, she holds a degree in biology. Her first novel, "Bábel fiai," was published in 2014, and since then she has written three additional books. In 2020, Moskát was recognized with the prestigious Péter Zsoldos Award for her novel "Irha és bőr" (Skin and Hide). 

If you are eager to read Moskát's captivating works, you can find them on the following link:

Anita Moskat Creative Room


Péter Závada


Péter Závada is a highly regarded Hungarian poet and playwright. He initially gained recognition as part of the successful rap and slam poetry group Akkezdet Phiai before transitioning his focus to poetry and theatre. Závada's work has been featured in numerous literary journals since his first publication. He has published four collections of poetry, including his most recent work "Gondoskodás. Versek," which was released in 2021. In addition to his literary pursuits, Závada has worked as a theatre dramaturg and playwright since 2010, contributing to over 30 theatre productions. 

To read Péter Závada's captivating works, please follow the link provided below:

Péter Závada Creative Room


If you want to know more about another country’s literature in the next newsletter, let us know! We look forward to many enthusiastic comments!

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Köszöntjük Moskat Anitát és Zavada Pétert a francia irodalom leendő laboratóriumában.

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