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Coercive Relationships

Coercive Relationships

Published Jul 27, 2022 Updated Jul 27, 2022
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Coercive Relationships

Find the Answers You Seek

Listen to the interview with the author here

Author: Jennifer C. Parker (USA)

About the author: Jennifer C. Parker, MSSW, has almost forty years' experience with intimate partner violence (IPV). Her internship at a battered women’s shelter began her passion to develop resources for victims. Jennifer’s accomplishments include a curriculum for IPV group work, workshops for therapists, professional newsletter articles, expert witness testimony in trials, a website and blog, and awards from state and local agencies. Her book includes insights she gained from brave survivors on their healing journeys and knowledge from her training and research.

About the book:  Jennifer wrote Coercive Relationships: Find the Answers You Seek to provide a beacon for survivors of partner abuse. The book also appeals to family, friends, and professionals who assist them. Her non-judgmental, empathic voice offers knowledge gleaned from years of working alongside survivors to empower them. Her writing is seasoned with information regarding trauma and recovery. Each chapter contains survivor examples that illustrate coercive control and suggestions for self-discovery and recovery. The book focuses on the answers to frequent questions:

• Am I being abused? 

• Why do they hurt me?

• Why do I feel so crazy?

• Why do they believe they should control us?

• How do I recognize abuse of power?

• What can I change?

• How do I move forward?


lecture 13 lectures
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