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Panodyssey, on IP and copyright.

Panodyssey, on IP and copyright.

Published nov 12, 2019 Updated set 25, 2020
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Panodyssey, on IP and copyright.

Panodyssey, THE creation tool based on transparency and collaboration was created to answer the needs of:

  • passionate creators to open creative rooms, publish online, improve their content through great collaboration and acquire a captive audience.

  • talented contributors on the lookout for showing off their skills and answering the "collaboration calls" from creators. By browsing the platform, they find instantly where their skills are required (writing, story telling, design, photography, translation and so on) and can offer their services right away.

  • curious users, bored with the usual giga media-outlet that keep on serving them re-heated content and trapping their mind into a unique mind process, and looking for high quality content from verified creators.

While at Panodyssey we strive to foster creativity, we have a greater mission, close to our heart and this mission is to PROTECT CREATION and the creative process as a whole.


We are the first and only creation platform in Europe that respects Intellectual Property, 


Cooperation with right holders is our cornerstone:

With Panodyssey, building a trusted cooperation means allowing projects from their infancy as content can be created directly on the platform. 

Creators always have control over the content publication price. They can even leave it free if it's their wishes. In freedom we trust.

Our creative talent matchmaking technology allows talentful contributors to meet and collaborate on their terms to rich excellency.


Licencing and copyright management through IP Smart Contract

The whole creative process is transparent and verifiable on Panodyssey

  • No "trolls". Every creators and contributors ID are verified before allowing publication.

  • Every single part of any published collaboration is recorded on our blockchain.

  • NO ADS on Panodyssey. any user may subscribe to the creators she loves. 
    This is how we create value.

  • A transparent royalty process allows creators and contributors to receive their share automatically according to the rules they defined together and recorded on the Smart Contract.. 


Online creation, ID verification and the use of blockchain altogether solve most of the copyrights issues and complaints


Uploading protected content into Panodyssey would be futile as all pubished contents are added to our Blockchain ledger and therefore time stamped (which in the end will be proving the presumed theft).

With the ID verification will come self regulation: creators cannot hide their identity.



With this historical directive vote a huge step for the European Union and its culture was made but we shouldn't focus solely on small changes.

We must create. We must invent a new European model with creators.

At Panodyssey we do not pretend having all the answers but we hopefully offer a solution.

We are ready to discuss our collaborative project, to listen to constructive ideas and suggestions, to create partnerships so together we can build this new European solution together.

We created Panodyssey less than a year ago and the platform has been live since July. We are developing technology and our community is growing. We are eager to gather partners to help us scale up our solution.

If you want to create and add value differently, if you want to share value fairly, join us at 



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