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5 Proven ways AI support businesses’ marketing efforts

5 Proven ways AI support businesses’ marketing efforts

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5 Proven ways AI support businesses’ marketing efforts

The concept of a cognitive technology capable of simulating human intelligence has moved from a theory to a real-world possibility. As artificial intelligence development evolved and is getting more sophisticated, marketing specialists' discussions have shifted from many ways of growing a brand to the many ways AI is shaping marketing, as well as its future impacts on the industry.

1- Real-time Data Processing and Sales Forecasting

AI Marketing is a method consisting of leveraging data and advanced AI analytics solutions to get accurate insights into a target audience. It gives marketing teams an edge by helping them aggregate and profile large datasets with little to no manual work.

As AI analyzes the data, it learns more about the customers and matches them based on the similarities. Subsequently, marketers can identify current and future campaign outcomes or upcoming trends.

2- Smart Ad and Optimized Email campaign

Rather than punching a general campaign toward the 3.4 billion people actively using the internet, marketers serve personalized ads based on artificial intelligence algorithms that collect and process data in real-time. Facebook and Google are good at this. They serve hyper-targeted ads based on the users’ interests and past activities on their platforms.

The same is real for email campaigns. Artificial intelligence makes it possible for marketers to predict the type of content the audience will be interested in by analyzing the topic of interest and reading patterns.


#Illustration Credit: pxfuel.com

3- Content Generation 

Content marketing is one of the strategies marketers use to build brand awareness and generate leads. This strategy centered around the buyer journey and content creation, helps businesses educate and guide their ideal customer from learning about their problems to solving them by making a buying decision in their favor. 

Email outreach is a content marketing strategy marketers use to reach their business goals. Whether it's inbound or outbound email outreach, AI comes in handy in that area as well.

An example of an artificial intelligence platform is lyne.ai that has the potential to automatically generate personalized email content using preset parameters like writing style and formats. It can also be used to scrape leads with verified email addresses and phone numbers on LinkedIn.

4- Chatbots

Social engagement and customer service quality before and after a sale is a game-changer. It determines if a customer will stay with a brand or leave to the competitors. Some business owners have understood that and have been using social media instant chat services like Facebook or WhatsApp to answer customers' queries.   

However, social media instant chat requires human intervention that comes along with a potentially poor customer experience – like when customers have to wait for the next representative available.

#Credit: Giphy

As opposed to humans, AI-powered chatbots help business owners automate responses on their websites and social platforms to answer customers' frequently asked questions 24/7. Users interested in a specific product can obtain proactive advice in real-time without the typical waste of time.

5- Dynamic Pricing

Some CROs and CMOs have seen this AI platform capability as a skillful way to elude the daunting task of setting prices and being off the plate. AI uses real-time product demand and supply on the market to determine product price.

By automatically raising or lowering prices based on market fluctuation, AI makes it possible for both customers and business owners to get the maximum out of their investment. An example is when businesses offer a discount on certain products to avoid waste. 


Bottom line 

Making a marketing decision depends on how good business owners know their customers. With the massive amount of data generated daily by customers and prospects, AI marketing solutions appear to be a useful tool for businesses to have customers engage and make buying decisions in their favor.

Cover source: upklyak

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