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⚡️ Flash Info Produit Du 22/04/2020

⚡️ Flash Info Produit Du 22/04/2020

Published Apr 22, 2020 Updated Apr 22, 2020 Tech Tech
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⚡️ Flash Info Produit Du 22/04/2020

Credit : Photo by Dale Brooks powered by Pexels
Hi there,
We are happy to share with you the following improvements that have just been released and are live on our platform.
  • Updated readtime (minimum is now 1min)
  • Redirect user on main index on logout action
  • update flex position of search results
  • added 3 quotes in about us
  • Removed sroll bar on third party browser
  • Add Ajax call when user refuse a new contact (call is now executed in background)
  • Update link on notification user to their profiles
Creative Room
  • Updated sharing widget to be sticky
  • Updated "My Creative Rooms" link from user profile to Creative Room list page.
  • Updated font color and margin (mobile improvement).
  • Updated readtime position
  • Updated article cover to be clickable
  • Improved description area size to fit depending the content
  • Removed draft publish button
  • Improvement : New article created from a specific creative room are automatically assigned to the related creative room.
  • Updated owner first name & last name formatting using titlefilter (upper case for each first letter)
  • Fix article cover image
  • Updated categorie caroussel
  • Fix side bar widget postition
  • Fix scroll to top button (it was overlapping the footer)
Product Contributions
  • Update article display order (ordered by article draft update datetime)
Article page (viewer)
  • Updated author name. Changed display format from upper case to title (upper case for each first letter)
  • Add extra log web user connect or register using Facebook Connect
  • Fx session timeout issu
  • Added support for Facebook ID & Google ID
  • Improved Facebook Connect auth. We now check facebook ID during authentication prior to email. (Fix to log you in the right account even if you update your email on your facebook account)
Congrats Product Team !
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