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⚡️ Flash Info Product 03/07/2020

⚡️ Flash Info Product 03/07/2020

Published Jul 3, 2020 Updated Jul 3, 2020 Tech Tech
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⚡️ Flash Info Product 03/07/2020

  • Updated article cover
  • Updated tooltip wording 
  • Fixed min-height article content
  • Updated Ajax collaborate function
  • Updated progress bar height
  • Added Request subscriber to update target path on public page
  • Updated Ajax Article like function (anonymous user are redirected to login page)
  • Updated Ajax CR follow function (anonymous user are redirected to login page)
  • Updated unverified block info
  • Updated category icon 
  • Updated Ajax friends / network page
  • Fixed Notification count color 
  • Updated profil page
  • Fixed  hover switcher UI reader view / editor view
  • Fixed z-index btn
  • Added menu tooltip

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

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