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Unmasked Brilliance

Unmasked Brilliance

Veröffentlicht am 14, März, 2024 Aktualisiert am 14, März, 2024 Personal Development
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Unmasked Brilliance

In a world where image is everything, 
We put on masks to hide our true being, 
A mask for work, a mask for play, 
A mask for social media every day.

We're told to be perfect, to always shine,
To have the perfect body, the perfect mind, 
But it's hard to keep up with this facade, 
And we often feel like we're frauds.

We wear the mask of confidence and power, 
To hide the doubts that we cower, 
The mask of success, of wealth and fame, 
To fit into the societal game.

We wear the mask of happiness and joy,
To hide the pain that we try to avoid, 
The mask of love, of friendship and care, 
To show that we're here and we share.

But behind all these masks, we're just human,
With flaws and fears that we try to subdue in, 
It's time to take off these masks we wear,
And show the world who we truly are and care.

For in being authentic, we find true peace, 
And the joy that we've been trying to seize,
 It's time to embrace our true selves with love,
And be the light that shines from above.

So let's take off the masks and let our true selves show,
For it's time to let our inner beauty glow, 
And in doing so, we'll inspire others to do the same, 
And create a world where being real is no longer a shame.

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From my side : no mask ! Never. Just authentic ! Like Panodyssey spirit. It is the reason why the boss of Culture sector - like the Ministry of Culture - in Paris don’t like Panodyssey ! 😂😂😂 Because no mask 🎭🎭🎭

Jackie H vor 3 Monaten

It certainly requires courage but we should do so more often... and be less absorbed in the societal game. Of course it will cost us quite a couple of connections, but that's a field where quality trumps quantity - imho 🙂. I think it's better to have just a few connections but have them with people we truly appreciate and care for, who will embrace us for who we really are, never judge us, make us feel at ease in their presence and stand with us in our hour of need, than to be alone in a crowd of people who claim to be friends but who will disappear in the blink of an eye at the slightest hint of an issue or imperfection and who care for their image and masks only, not for us nor for anyone else for that matter...

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