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Panodyssey Pro Now

Panodyssey Pro Now

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Auf Panodyssey kannst du bis zu 10 Veröffentlichungen im Monat lesen ohne dich anmelden zu müssen. Viel Spaß9 articles beim Entdecken.

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Panodyssey Pro Now

How Panodyssey Pro started?

From the need of an international consortium for a new professional platform dedicated entirely to creativity and collaboration. The other platforms such Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram etc

are not suitable for the publication of long and important texts

they do not allow the grouping of articles in thematic spaces

your profile and digital space is not organized and clean,

and above all your intellectual property is not protected.


Businesses and professionals need all of this and more and the solution is absolutely Panodyssey Pro             

  • Social media platform dedicated to writing
  • Articles stored and archived in thematic spaces (Creative Rooms)
  • Unlimited lifetime
  • Easy sharing of articles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in 1 clic, will all their metadata
  • Integration of different formats: texts, images, sound and video of unlimited length
  • Content is easy to find through SEO
  • The content is created online. Management is simple and code-free.
  • Less community moderation needed, as the platform is protected and the accounts are certified


Curious about the International Consortium?

Creative Room European Alliance  is a consortium created by 9 international founder partners but currently CREA includes 17 members scattered across France, Italy, Spain, Hungary and Bulgaria, all in different fields such as media, culture, education and technology but united by creativity and the desire to emerge. CREA was co-founded by the European Union for her dynamic and boundless project.                     

CREA created a new digital space thanks to an innovative approach through digital sovereignty and around the creation and diffusion of European culture and writings. CREA’s goal is to establish an ecosystem in which creative writing is made available, collated and shared in a trustworthy environment. Their users always retain sovereignty over their intellectual property and monetization.

Panodyssey Pro

Panodyssey Pro is for professionals who need an integral solution to publish, promote and distribute their editorial and professional content: with access to more security, more community building tools, more personalization, more visibility to highlight their content and build their audience.                         

The organizations will have their brand certified and the publications will be recorded in a secure registry. Panodyssey Pro ensures the readers the quality and authenticity of your content. Modular tools for a comfortable writing process, native text editor, draft administrator, publication planner, and a holistic reading experience. The texts are featured in the newsfeed and suggested to readers who are interested in similar themes. Since Panodyssey is open to the rest of the internet, publications are easily accessible via search engines and SEO.                                             



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