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Panodyssey Pro is a complete solution designed to help professional organisations and independent creators publish and promote their editorial content: greater security, more community tools, better customisation, and greater visibility to showcase your content and grow your audience.


Who is it for?

Panodyssey Pro is aimed at independent content creators and brands wishing to publish quality content on Panodyssey.

Self-published authors, editors, proofreaders, illustrators, designers, communication and publishing professionals can all develop and archive their content, easily increasing their visibility.

Publishers Self-published authors
Journalists Journalists
Media Companies Media Companies
Businesses Businesses
Associations Associations
Publishers Publishers

The benefits of Panodyssey Pro

A secure, open space on the web for publishing your branded content and promoting it to your audience. A customer service team specialising in digital marketing is only a phone call or email away to support you.

certified Certified Account

Your brand, your content, your intellectual property

Your certified Panodyssey account becomes connected to your brand. No one else can publish in your name and your publications are stored in an unfalsifiable ledger. This guarantees the quality and authenticity of your content for your readers.


certified Collaborative publishing tools

Modular tools for a comfortable writing process and a holistic reading experience

Effortlessly publish your content and easily manage your teams with collaborative publishing tools — with our native text editor, draft manager, and scheduled publication, we make your life simple. Discover a truly unique experience of creative collaboration on Panodyssey. You won't want to live without it!

certified Increased Visibility

Large-scale online content distribution

Maximise your content's visibility to grow your audience. Your texts are featured on the news feed and suggested to readers interested in your themes.

Use new exclusive tools to showcase your work, current research and your work in progress.

Use Panodyssey Pro Talent's exclusive communication tools whenever you need to include the text of your choice in our newsletter L'éditorial, benefit from design creation, or communicate on our homepage and social networks.

As Panodyssey is web-enabled, publications are easily accessible via search engines and SEO. Kill two birds with one stone!


certified Monetisation*

Flexible monetisation and commission fees reduced to 5%

Build reader loyalty by offering exclusive content to paid subscribers. You choose terms of access to your Creative Room Prime publication space and the price. Receive money directly to your secure wallet — you can transfer your money at any time. Plus, you can receive donations. Another Panodyssey Pro advantage: you'll benefit from reduced commission fees.

certified Attractive price

€199 (excl. taxes)
one-time fee.

Discover Panodyssey Pro at an unbeatable price. With a one-time payment of €199 (excl. tax), it's not a subscription! Panodyssey Pro is:

checkbox Your certified brand

checkbox Access a variety of publishing functionalities

checkbox Increased content visibility

checkbox A variety of content monetisation tools and commission fees reduced to 5%

checkbox Responsive and reliable customer service 7 days a week

For only
. Not bad, eh?

Students and jobseekers are eligible for a €100 rebate. Simply send supporting documents to the following email address: after creating your Panodyssey Pro account.


What Panodyssey Pro subscribers have to say


Une très courte analyse des lectures de mon article le plus lu : "À l'Assemblée Nationale 17 députés ont double nationalité" du 28/02/2022 a enregistré au mardi 21/11 ​: 5080​ lectures​.
Au vendredi 24/11​ : 5145​.
Et au samedi 2​5/11 : 5159​.

Panodyssey avait raison, Panodyssey vit en se bonifiant avec le temps et les publications touchent un public dans la durée, tout le contraire des autres plateformes et réseaux sociaux.

Bernard Ducosson

Bernard Ducossonfr

Self-published author, Humorist


Panodyssey — a top-quality European network — offers excellent visibility to creators, writers, artists, teachers and publishers, making it easy for them to promote their work.
The Panodyssey Pro Talent services are invaluable and the customer service is outstanding.
Our sincere thanks for your support in this digital era.

Jean-Marc Ferry

Jean-Marc Ferryfr

Philosopher, Writer, Professor


A made in France social media platform bringing together professionalism, trust, authenticity and transparency. It's the ideal playground for anyone with a pen — and the perfect place for any piece of writing looking for readers.

L.S. Martins

L.S. Martinsfr

Auteure auto-éditée, Artist


At some point, many authors consider self-publishing. I've always resisted because you get nothing out of it except expensive printing.
But now, for a reasonable fee, Panodyssey Pro offers visibility, promotion and useful advice. That's why I chose Panodyssey Pro.
What about you?

Chantal Perrin Verdier

Chantal Perrin Verdierch

Artist, Auteure, Dessinatrice


A vital service for anyone who, like most writers or critics, would like to devote themselves to writing.

Marisa Verna

Marisa Vernait

Professeure de littérature


Panodyssey : Mon petit nid douillet de créateur de contenu. Un espace dont je ne saurais plus me passer aujourd'hui. En évolution constante, un futur incontournable, à coup sûr ! Autant vous y mettre maintenant !

J'ai même pris la version Pro pour personnaliser davantage mon espace personnel et assurer de la véracité de mon profil et de l'originalité de mes créations.

Mille mercis à toute l'équipe !

Alban Vivicorsi

Alban Vivicorsifr

Self-published author


Chez Panodyssey, j’ai trouvé un espace sécurisant et amical pour m’exprimer. J’ai pu échanger avec des auteurs sur mes textes et les leurs.

J’ai trouvé de l’aide auprès de l’équipe technique à chaque fois que j’en ai eu besoin pour rendre mes textes plus lisibles et plus agréables pour mes lecteurs.

Ce lieu virtuel m’a permis de prendre confiance en moi et dans mon écriture.

Merci à vous de m’avoir accompagnée dans cette aventure de l’écriture jusqu’à la sortie de mon 1er roman !





Panodyssey is a simple and intuitive all-in-one tool for professional content writers and journalists.
The new Panodyssey Pro offer allows you to create a professional account and protect your media brand.
As a media company, it's a new way of interacting with our audience and having the freedom to monetise our best articles.



Online media


Je viens du monde de la musique. Ma plus grande réussite en tant qu'éditeur a été de créer l'intégrale Mozart : 50 millions de disques vendus. Grâce à Mozart, j'ai créé ma plateforme de musique idéale : Qobuz. Vous l'aimez si vous aimez la musique de qualité. Après, j'ai décidé de créer mon réseau social dédié au texte de qualité : Panodyssey. Panodyssey est un grand club créatif où les auteurs rencontrent leurs lecteurs. C'est un outil simple et intuitif pour les auteurs auto-édités. Il est facile et rapide d'augmenter le nombre de lectures de ses publications dans un espace numérique responsable : pas de faux contenus, pas de publicité, pas de harcèlement en ligne.
Bienvenue dans un monde numérique idéal pour les créateurs et les lecteurs passionnés !

Alexandre Leforestier

Alexandre Leforestierfr

Entrepreneur culturel


Panodyssey is a great creative social media platform for sharing and cataloguing texts and images, that can be organised by theme and by project.
Panodyssey is very useful for reaching a European audience. I write in several languages, and Panodyssey has helped me to increase the visibility of my texts in French, Italian and English.
Their Panodyssey Pro newsletter makes it easy to reach their entire community directly.

Jérôme Pace

Jérôme Pacefr

Self-published author, Proofreader, Photographe


Recently, Correcto Ergo Sum was featured in the Spanish press in an article by La Prensa Latina Media thanks to Panodyssey.
If you want to know more about Correcto Ergo Sum, find me on Panodyssey

Correcto Ergo Sum

Correcto Ergo Sumfr

Lectrice-correctrice professionnelle


Culture is an essential part of today's world. For EFE, as a leading Spanish-language agency, access to the latest cultural formats from digital creators through Panodyssey is essential.

Agencia EFE

Agencia EFEes

Press agency


Panodyssey is without doubt the most ambitious cultural project ever undertaken in the history of Europe. For the first time, creators and consumers from across the continent will be able to share not only their artwork, but also their opinions of it ... I would argue that Panodyssey will become one of the most important tools in developing a shared European culture.

Andrés Muro

Andrés Muroes

Event coordinator, EFE


We believe that Panodyssey's strength lies in the fact that it offers equal opportunities for publishing, since both established and emerging writers have the chance to share their texts on the same platform. For people who begin writing as a hobby, it's not easy to break into the publishing world. Having a space to express themselves and create a community around their work, as well as the possibility of monetising their content, will encourage them to continue on this path.

Pro Progressione

Pro Progressionehu

Culture and arts organization


Panodyssey commence à être une plateforme bien connue ! Ravie d'avoir découvert Panodyssey.

Cette plateforme d'auteurs française est une belle alternative à Medium...

Et la bienveillance qui règne dans cet espace de création est très agréable. Mention spéciale à Alexandre, qui accompagne si bien les nouveaux arrivants !




The Panodyssey Pro offer offres

Protect your account dropdown

Certified Account

arrow Your brand is associated with your account

Protected intellectual property

arrow Your publications are stored in a secure registry of intellectual property

Outstanding customer support

arrow Fast, friendly replies — even on Monday morning!
No limits to what you can publish dropdown

Simple and collaborative text editor

Unlimited publication

Draft manager

Schedule content

arrow Schedule as many publications as you like

5GB Cloud storage

Collaborative tools

arrow Work with multiple contributors on a project
Monetise your content dropdown

Set up your e-wallet

Unlimited Creative Room Prime content

You choose the price and terms of access to your Creative Room Prime publication space

Reduced Panodyssey commission

arrow Commission fee reduced from 16% to 5%

Receive gifts

Maximize your visibility dropdown

SEO optimized

Advanced statistics

Increased visibility

arrow Use our exclusive tools to highlight your work, your current research and your latest news
Use the exclusive Panodyssey Pro Talent communication services

Interest-based algorithm

arrow Your content is featured in the feeds of readers with an interest in your themes

How to purchase Panodyssey Pro

step 1 Create your Panodyssey Pro account
step 2 Purchase the Pro plan
step 3 Certify your account

It only takes a few minutes to certify your account and you're ready to publish.

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