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How to get an author's name ? 

How to get an author's name ? 

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How to get an author's name ? 

{This article was co-written by Alexandre Leforestier and Romane Babault}.

Panodyssey is giving its users the possibility to get a pen name on its platform. 

To have access at a pen name, different reasons can be raised :


  • I am a writing professional already using a pen name. 

  • I am an independent media or an influencer (self-employed, company, association …). 

  • I am a whistleblower or a freelance journalist and I need to be protected


In the case where none of these reasons correspond to your situation, you can explain to us why your full name cannot be disclosed (this information is strictly confidential and reserved for the management of Panodyssey).  


To obtain a pen name, you have to follow the steps described below : 


Step 1 :

Apply for certification by following the ID Check procedure. You have to go on your profile and file the official documents column. 

We will then validate your certification. The ID Check processing can take several hours. 

Step 2

Request an pen name by sending an email to with the following information  :

  • Your first and last name, and the email address used when creating the account

  • The desired pen name

  •  The reason of the request

 Step 3

We take care of processing your pen name request. 

Thereafter, your pen name will automatically appear on your Panodyssey’s profile. 

Credit Photo : Photo by MJS  on Unsplash 


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