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Your first steps on Panodyssey

Your first steps on Panodyssey

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Su Panodyssey puoi leggere fino a 30 pubblicazioni al mese senza effettuare il login. Divertiti 29 articles da scoprire questo mese.

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Your first steps on Panodyssey

This article will you guide you through your first steps on Panodyssey, from signing up to publishing. You will learn how to make your work more visible and get the most of Panodyssey.

Let's start!


1. Sign up

This is the first step to complete to be able to publish on Panodyssey. You can sign up with an email address or a Facebook/Google account.

👉 Here are the steps to sign up with an email address:

1. Click on « Sign up » . 

2. Fill in your personal details and email address, and set a password. You can also add a profile picture at that stage. You'll also need to accept the terms of service.

4. Then, click on "Go!" and open your inbox. You should have received an email to validate your account. 


👉 Here are the steps to sign up with a Facebook/Google account: 

1. Click on « Sign up » .

2. Click on "Continue with Facebook". This will take you to a registration page with your Facebook account.


3. Click on "Continue with Google". This will take you to a registration page with your Google account.

Congrats, you're now a Panodyssey member!

2. Set your profile up

Your profile is where members of the community get to know you. Fill it in to show them who you are.

💡Why is it important? A fully completed profile is four times more likely to draw the attention of other members than an empty one.

So write a few lines about you, mention the topics you are interested in as well as your passions and put on your best smile so others will want to read your work.

👉 To learn more about the profile set up, you can check our main FAQ (available soon).

1. Pick the topics you are interested in, then click on "Next".

2. Select your passions, then click on "Next". 

3. Click on the + or - icon to indicate your curiosity level (or just move the slider), then click on "Next". 

4. Last step : pick a nice picture of you, write your name, date of birth and a few lines to introduce yourself, then click on "Let's go!".


3. Verify your account

💡Why is it important? Verifying your account gives you access to all the Panodyssey features, including publishing.

Once your account is verified, you will be able to:

- Publish your work;

- Write comments;

- Collaborate with other creators;

- Open a wallet.

👉 To get more information about the account verification, you can check our main FAQ (available soon).

We implementend that step to ensure our social media remains a safe space where members can trust one another. Verified accounts keep unethical behaviours – such as trolling – away. This system also allows content creators to protect their work by tying each article to their account. Panodyssey prevents plagiarism and protects the intellectual property rights of its members.

No worries, we won't store your personal data.

👉 If you would like to know how Panodyssey handles your data, check our privacy policy.

Are you ready? Let's go!

1. Go to your account, and then to the section "Account verification". Click on "Start the verification".

2. Upload a copy of your identity document (front and back), and click on "Save and go to the next step".

3. If you are less than 18 years old, you will have to provide a parental permission to publish on Panodyssey. Upload your documents and click on "Save and go to the next step".


4. If you wish, you can write under a pen name. Fill in the information required and click on "Save and go to the next step".

5. Once the documents are uploaded, our team will carefully check them. We will get back to you with 24 hours.

6. Once your account is verified, you'll be able to publish your first article.

4. Set up your first Creative Room

It's time to set up your first Creative Room to highlight your articles. On Panodyssey, content creators publish their work in Creative Rooms, which are thematic spaces where they can classify their articles.

💡Why is it important? Unlike other social media platforms, the content published on Panodyssey remains visible: readers can access it within the platform itself, but also from outside, which gives the content creators' work a great reach.

So get your hands dirty : fill the description field of your Creative Room and pick a nice picture to illustrate it! 

👉 To learn more about the Creative Rooms, you can check our main FAQ (available soon).

1. Go to your account and set up a new Creative Room.

2. Choose a title for your Creative Room and describe its content or topic in a few words. The more precise is the description, the more attractive your articles will be to your readers.

3. Pick a nice picture to illustrate your Creative Room. This visual is the first thing your readers will see. It needs to catch their attention and introduce them to your universe, so choose it right!

Once your Creative Room is ready to be shared with the world, click on "Save changes".


5. Create an article

You have done most of the work! Now, let your creative mind take over and publish your first article!

1. Click on "New article", or go to your Creative Room and click on "Write the first article".

2. Give your article a title, write your texte and format it, and last but lot least, pick a nice picture.


3. Once the progress bar is green, click on "Publish".

Click on "Publish" to share your article straight away, or "Schedule" to publish it later. The draft button allows you to store your text offline in case you want to work on it again before publishing it.

👉 To learn more about the text editor, you can check our main FAQ (available soon).


6. Write with other content creators

Panodyssey is the only social media allowing several content creators to work together on the same article.

👉 To learn more about Panodyssey's collaborative feature, you can check our main FAQ (available soon).


You are now ready to start the adventure on Panodyssey!

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