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Is the UBS file a geo-economical case?

Is the UBS file a geo-economical case?

Publié le 7 avr. 2021 Mis à jour le 7 avr. 2021
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Is the UBS file a geo-economical case?


Would our PEP(Politically Exposed Personsbe identified by foreign powers due to a procedure of data retrieval untrustworthy and lacking in respect for the French law?



Will the UBS file become a case study for economic war schools?

Stéphanie Gibaud: « As a matter of fact, my case is unusual: As an executive in charge of Public Relations at UBS in France, I refused to obey to my manager’s oral instructions to delete my data and archives relating to the names of clients of the banks. This happened after a search had taken place in the office of the General Manager in June 2008.

After alerting several top managers of the bank, I then alerted the Labour Inspection. After an important number of meetings with the Labour Inspector, and on her recommendations, I filled in a complaint against UBS for illegal banking solicitation on the French territory, tax fraud, money laundering by an organized gang, destruction or spoliation of evidence of a crime, obstruction of the mission of the statutory auditor, fraudulent entry and balance sheet presentation.

However, I have never alerted any journalists. My name has been thrown to the mercy of the media and journalists whereas I should have been protected by the French State!

In summary, as a staff representative, I only did my work in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and a kind of nebula involving French State services made me look like a lunatic whistleblower... What was the aim of covering this type of operations? Who were their actors? In which legal framework?

I have been used in a scandal which I was unable to understand the content of at the beginning. Far later, I understood that I was a scandal in another scandal: whereas I was still an executive at the bank, the French state has asked me to turn into a spy and instructed me to betray my employer (UBS) at the time. Once the documents and the information retrieved, I have been sacrificed in a total illegality. I still am fighting at court the ones who do not respect the rights of the 'occasional employees of the public service'. Within the content of this article, you will understand that it might be a question of national security.

I wish to thank the Association des Anciens Combattants de la Légion Etrangère for recognizing and decorating my courage and my commitment for our country in September 2019 ».

Photo : Lieutenant Colonel Lianos, the founding President of the Association des Anciens Combattants de la Légion Etrangère (AACLE) and Stéphanie Gibaud, Marseille, September 2019


Retrieval of incriminating data…

Even the French army is a victim of data theft. These actions of retrieval of digital data are influence weapons. Dissiminated in the cyberspace, these data can create havoc.

Stéphanie Gibaud: "In my own case, the French State has asked me to extractdata from UBS – an international Swiss bank – but these data might probably not have served the French interests only”.

Are allied foreign powers necessarily our allies in all areas?

In fact, why has Bradley Birkenfeld, a North-American citizen, apparently very close the US State, given Stephanie Gibaud’s documents to a French judge? In terms of procedure, what can it possibly mean when an American citizen gives the documents of a French citizen to the French justice, whereas this very French citizen – who had never chosen to be a spy – has never been listened to by the judges of her own country during the trials?

Bradley Birkenfeld, well known of the US IRS Department, had announced that the CIA was behind the Panama Papers scandal. How come can he be so well aware? Would it be a way to tell the French elites: “We know that PEPs have offshore accounts”?

Stéphanie Gibaud: « On April 12, 2013 during his audition at the French Senate, my former UBS colleague the banker Pierre Condamin-Gerbier, declared that the former French Minister of Budget Jérôme Cahuzac was not an isolated case. Other PEPs have offshore accounts. Why have the data I supplied to the French State under the command of sworn officials been given by an American citizen to the French justice? Is this negligence? Smart strategy? »

What have foreign powers got to know about French PEPs when consulting these data? How could these PEPs refuse what a foreign power ask them to do? Which flexibility do our French elites have when claiming our national interests if they potentially are all jammed up with files such as Cahuzac’s?

With files relating to rogue ministers, a foreign power can cause havoc in the media. This press can either be mainstream media, the majority of which belongs to billionaires and have a certain economical ideology, it can be alternative or mime to be dissident while working for foreign powers, the ideologies of which being contrary to the French interests.

With data such as "Stéphanie Gibaud’s", a powerful power and its media relays, or an ideology and its interposed relays can act at the political organization level of France!

We regularly notice how a certain press describing itself as dissident can decide to create a scandal about a PEP and will be quiet about another PEP.


We also observe that a politician can be thrown to the mercy of the media whereas scandals relating to other politicians will be minimized.


We see how the media can close their eyes on the inconstancies of “Stephanie Gibaud’s file”, the woman who is notably absent of the March 2021 UBS trial.



Case Study

Let’s imagine a case study proposed by “the woman who knew too much”:

« And if I, Stephanie Gibaud, had not been contacted by civil servants working for the Customs Department (Service National des Douanes Judiciaires – SNDJ) but by other agents? If the cards I had been shown had been fake “blue-white-red” cards, I would probably have collaborated with people who, in the lower floor of a department store, had asked to extract confidential information out of the bank UBS whereas I was in a weakened state. (La femme qui en savait vraiment trop, Cherche Midi, chapter 20 « Allo ! , ici la douane »)

They could have been fake agents. It would have been easy to simulate that their office was not located within the Ministry of Finances. Secret services or spy agencies know how to do: one makes someone, who is quite impressed by the state mention of “blue-white-red” card, believe that the reality is what he sees. Reality is very different, I could have given confidential information to others, which means not to the French State!

However this is not what I have done. I have given information and documents to the French State!

When have I been supported and defended by the State?

The notion of “occasional employee of the public service” is a jurisprudential theory allowing to compensate, on the grounds of liability for risk, victims who suffered a damage when they participate, on an occasional basis, to the execution of a public service. I have been recognized as an occasional employee of the public service by the Tribunal Administratif (Administrative Court).

Compensation for my life destroyed? Nothing

I have written to both the DGSE (General Directorate for External Security - Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure) and the DGSI (Internal Security - Direction Nationale de la Sécurité Intérieure) to ask their experts why I have been left alone inthe lack of understanding of what was going on. Under which grounds aren’t the ones who defend the interests of the French State interested in my files and its inconsistencies? At the exception of people of value such as the French Légionnaires, who have understood that there is something much bigger behind this file, the other defenders of the French Republic seem to be absent.

Where are the geo-strategists and the ones who study geo-economy? How can one let someone like me, with such sensitive pieces of information, not be in a situation guaranteed by the legislation? Why do I need to find by myself the answers to questions while consulting several special of different fields, including lawyers?

The confidential documents which I gave to the French Customs were stored on the servers of a foreign bank that only five or six persons could access, including the then General Manager Patrick de Fayet and myself. These documents have been taken by others and I can nowadays see them in media and on social networks (March 10thand 15th, 2021). These pieces of information are mine, they are the ones I have transmitted under the command of sworn officials working for the French customs – SNDJ. I specify that I had no knowledge of how to successfully extract these data. I have been guided to do so. However, regarding the complaints I have filled in to bring the State to its senses, nothing works. The lack of intelligence in terms of security questions.

At this stage, for me and other persons who have been analyzing my case, there is either a will to sabotage the file or an over-confidence bias of the French state relating to the fact that whatever it may take, the French State will manage to sentence and fine UBS. But the Highest Court of Appeal studies on the merits of the case..

This is the reason why I am now asking all the geo-strategists, geopoliticians and the ones who study geo-economy to answer: why am I left in a legal man’s land?

In its subsequent bland replies to my registered letters, I would once be a witness, then a whistleblower, then I-don’t-know-what. Above all, what is the purpose not to close the « Stéphanie Gibaud file », as I have to take the French State to court, once again?

France works outside the defined rules as far as the European laws in terms of protection of whistleblowers are concerned. Coming into force on December 16th 2019the (EU) directive 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Counsel consider whistleblowers as follows: “At Union level, reports and public disclosures by whistleblowers are one upstream component of enforcement of Union law and policies. They feed national and Union enforcement systems with information, leading to effective detection, investigation and prosecution of breaches of Union law, thus enhancing transparency and accountability”.

As far as I am concerned, I blow the whistle against the French State which does not respect the law in my case. The complaint I have filled in with the Paris Prosecutor mentioning intimidation facts, psychological pressure and smear campaigns I have been suffering will be sent to the Brussels European authorities.

France should have protected me, as a decision of the Council of State which has extended the ‘functional protection’ to occasional employees of the public service. A breach to my functional protection is obvious.

But worst of all, I never am in a category allowing to give credibility to the UBS file on the merits of the case. The French justice is the only one which has recognized me as an « occasional employee of the public service » in 2018. The file is still open because forced labour is being forbidden in France and also because I have an ongoing dispute with the Ministry of Finances.

This is why I am calling the qualified people in geopolitical, geo-economic and geo-strategic studies of the defense of France: I must know where I stand and I need to identify who has the clear desire not to want to close this file whereas it took my professional and family lives away. Since the summer of July 2014, I have been the recipient of minimum social benefits. Why is the forced work of a woman in a weakened state be worthy and enviable for the image of the country “of human rights”? Is it to only protect the "the man with networks"?

The Highest Court of Appeal is competent to pass judgment on the merits of the case. As long as I won’t be restored to my rights, the file will continue. Whether I am dead or alive won’t change anything, the question is the fact that France does not seem to respect the merits of the case. If there is a will to scuttle the trial, this will have national and international consequences ».


In the digital age, collective conscience is stimulated

Thanks to internet, the time of the awakening of collective conscience is here. In the midst of a sanitary crisis never seen before, the French citizens find it outrageous that tax evasion leads to the closure of hospital beds. Public opinion silently awakens. At last, people understand that tax evasion kills. (Oxfam video).

The more collective conscience is stimulated, the less citizens will forgive breaches of law. Geopolitically speaking,as we have written in a previous article, the will to appear as being the “country of human rights” while being exposed to one’s contradictions in the digital age does not make sense. Some political regimes described as strong or as dictatorships laugh at the French lecture.


How long will the army accept to have its confidential information robbed, because unable to protect them nationally as its members use material made by foreign powers? Public opinion can’t stand the breaches of security of our institutions anymore.

Stéphanie Gibaud : « Until when will the geo-economic branch of the French army accept to see targeted people - as I once was ”harpooned”, dixit the Magistrate Charles Prats – without being in the legal framework? Until when will the French army accept to see information given by a foreign citizen to a French judge and a French court as the sign « we know who your PEPs are »?

French intelligence analysts must start to realize that the influence strategies State against State influence strategies have inspired the cyberspace. The web has become the new “Far West” with ransomware, Man-in-the-middle... One can bet that the names of PEPs mentioned above are being exchanged on the Dark Web. These strategies, these disclosures on social networks participate to the awakening of the popular masses which late Zbigniew Brzezinski feared. "He served as a counselor to President Lyndon B. Johnson from 1966 to 1968 and was President Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor from 1977 to 1981. (…) Brzezinski was the primary organizer of The Trilateral Commission. Major foreign policy events during his time in office included the normalization of relations with the People's Republic of China (and the severing of ties with the Republic of China on Taiwan); the signing of the second Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT II); the brokering of the Camp David Accords; the overthrow of the US-friendly Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and the start of the Iranian Revolution; the United States' encouragement of dissidents in Eastern Europe and championing of human rights in order to undermine the influence of the Soviet Union; the arming of the mujahideen in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan; and the signing of the Torrijos-Carter Treaties relinquishing U.S. control of the Panama Canal after 1999".  

Photo : Late former French President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing awards Zbigniew Brzezinski the Alexis de Tocqueville prize to personalities"distinguished by their humanism and their commitment to the defense of public interests", October 14th, 2011


In the United States of America, General Flynn qualifies the awakened citizens as being “digital soldiers” or “citizens-journalists” because they are able to spread information on the web at the speed of a galloping horse.

If “human rights” have been several times put forward in order to justify the intervention of the French army in Libya and Syria, it should be noted that the web awakening thanks to sourced counter-arguments counters official versions. This challenges the authority of the State via its official communication.

In France, has the collapse of the popular beliefs as far as the authority of the State been anticipated at its true value? Has it been anticipated as much as the lack of food resilience on our territories in case of a massive cyberattack? That would be unsettling if it were not the case. What will be the price of the lack of anticipation for all of us?


Becoming an inspiring power again thanks to ethics

Stéphanie Gibaud: « For more than ten years, I have been suffering slanders, rumors and smear campaigns. This cruel and clear point being made, how many people in the world and how many French citizens have published a book with a preface written by Julian Assange? »

Wikileaks obviously has a mass of information. In this respect, awakening as stated above is not to be neglected because an important number of citizens, exasperated to see that their intelligence is despised, start investigating more and more. Their investigations being productive, many of them manage to establish interpretations which do not leave any doubts regarding dirty tricks played by the governments.

In their internet investigations, citizens are nowadays able to discover strategic information which are communicated to spy agencies, the mission of which is to potentially bring down leading French companies. For example in the Elf file, the former French Minister of Foreign Affairs declared in an interview to the Nouvel Obs that he “has the proof that he had been monitored and tracked as a Minister of Foreign Affairs during the whole period when he was carrying on Middle East Affairs. During the instruction, the judge Eva Joly received this report”.

When the head of a French strategic company for the energy interests of France is being all jammed up with files, this create havoc such as the Elf scandal.

Stéphanie Gibaud: “These strategies aiming to destabilize or predatory strategies such as the Alstom file, very clearly explained by Frédéric Pierucci ("Alstom, la France vendue à la découpe"), join my own file where senior government officials and politicians are sometimes the allies of foreign power and act secretly and furtively to weaken our country. »

Nowadays, the French State must listen the message relating to the need for ethics. It is not only about “showing a beautiful picture of France”, it is above all questions relating to geo-politics, geo-economics and geo-strategics in the digital age.

If foreign powers can create media scandals with the names of French PEPs linked to tax evasion and offshore accounts, our country is thus submitted to a new kind of blackmailing through social networks and awakening of collective conscience.



The Sapin II voted in France in December 2016 ambitions to“bring the French legislation to the best European and international standards as far as fighting corruption is concerned and thus contributes to a more positive image of France abroad”("porter la législation française aux meilleurs standards européens et internationaux en matière de lutte contre la corruption, et contribuer ainsi à une image positive de la France à l’international").

Stéphanie Gibaud: “Nobody lifted a finger for the Pierucci-Alstom scandal nor has anybody lifted a finger twenty five years before for the Thomson – Elf scandal (which killed 25 persons). Who protects us, who really protects our national interests if the French army keeps quiet and only but obeys the instructions of PEPs who potentially have offshore bank accounts? As declared by Mr.Alain Robert, Swiss interim president of UBS in France, to the bank employees in 2011: “The new CEO will be able to facilitate the access of UBS to the highest levels of decision-making of the French society […] to wear the UBS outfit namely in terms of risk, compliance and flexibility” adding that “the group need more connectivity than skills to interfere in French decision-making processes by gaining access to the CAC40 and wealthy important French families».

The UBS file and the list of 44.000 bank accounts delivered last year by Switzerland to the French Ministry of Finances demonstrate that the State authorities are neutralized. Indeed, if a foreign power was to steal this list and was to publish it, our country would be even weaker than it is on the international stage.

During their prime-time Newsif media in the pay of foreign powers are able to make fun of the ability of the French services to act facing charges relating to the corruption of our intelligence services and the ones of our politicians, we can quite rightly wonder where isthe ability to defend our French influence abroad and our territory.

We try to raise public awareness relating to these social phenomena and to alert on the need to make ethics a geo-political protection in publishing articles on the platform Panodyssey.

Ethics must come back and inspire within the ranks of the defenders of France.

This digital article as well as the other ones written on Panodyssey expose the number of State agents who have been abandoned, betrayed, sacrificied by France. Citizens and agents working for foreign powers, supported by their States surf the web. They have files against France “human rights” which sometimes serve the interests of French wars such as Libya, Syria…

« Stéphanie Gibaud’s story » is the marker of strategies defending the contrary of the research of ethics in France.

Stéphanie Gibaud : « If my rights had been restored, the actions at the highest level of the French State would have gained credibility and would have a truly legitimate meaning. »

Let’s hope that the strategists of the national Defense and of the national security will understand the interest to support the fight for ethics in politics of the “woman who knows too much” - just like the Association des Anciens Combattants de la Légion Etrangère.


Co-written by Stéphanie Gibaud


Alexandre Boisson, expert in systemic risks





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